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Space Race: 20th Century Timeline and Firsts

In this video, learns more about important firsts and events in the history of space exploration. tags: 20th Century21st Centuryalan shepardapollo 11Astronomychinadennis tito

Q&BA: Why spend money on NASA?

In this episode of QBA, I answer the very common question, 'Why spend money on NASA when we need that money here on Earth' There are two ... tags: NASAQ&BAspacespace exploration

Q&BA for Feb. 12, 2012 (complete)

This is the complete QBA session I did on Google+ Hangouts on February 12, 2012. I answered questions from viewers about living in space, ... tags: astronomyexoplanetsgravitational slingshotgravity assistNASAQ&BAspace

Experiment Aims for Signal Emitted During Birth of Universe

A look inside the EBEX project, an experiment designed to detect a faint signal generated just after the birth of the universe. If ... tags: EBEXLibrarysciencespace explorationUniversewiredWired Science

The Black Church Must Grow Up! (Episode 35) SLAVE SERMONS "Peter Pan Syndrome"

12/14/11 http PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO THE BEST SERIES ON YOUTUBE Jeremiah Camara demonstrates how religion has stifled ... tags: 714AlienAlien (film)AliensAliens (film)astronomycamara

The Voyager Probes Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before

After 34 years in space, NASA's Voyager probes will soon cross the boundary of our solar system into interstellar space tags: heliosphere Magazine NASA probe science solar system space exploration

Our Future In Space panel from TAM Las Vegas 2011

This vigorous discussion on 'Our Future In Space' featuring Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, Lawrence Krauss, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson was ... tags: bill nye Foundation James lawrence krauss neil degrasse tyson pamela gay panel discussion

The Challenges of Getting to Mars: Getting a Rover Ready for Launch

Engineers put the rover through thousands of hours of testing. They did drop tests pull tests drive tests load tests, and many other tests ... tags: Cape Canaveral. fixes jplnews Kennedy Space Center KSC launch Mars

Mars in a Minute: How Do You Get to Mars?

What does it take to get a spacecraft to Mars This 60- video covers a few key things to remember when planning a trip to the Red Planet. tags: aim Earth football jplnews lander launch. Mars