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Quelle eau boire ?

Notre corps a besoin dun litre et demi deau par jour. Mais au quotidien, quelle eau boire Si certaines eaux sont bnfiques pour la sant, ...

The Best Way to Brine

In this episode of MDRN KTCHN, host Scott Heimendinger explains the science behind brining, and delivers the verdict on the best way to do ...

Réaction chimique impressionnante : l'eau devient noire instantanément.

Aprs dissolution du sulfate de sodium et de l'acide citrique, et iodate de sodium dans deux tasses d'eau distinctes, l'hte mlange les deux ...

All Night

Bobcat Goldthwait gets a not so enticing offer. tags: cheatingdrunkfunnyLMAOLOLlowold

Kelly Ripa And Neil Patrick Harris Inhale Sodium Hexaflouride

It puts the lotion in the basket. Anyone know where to buy this stuff tags: becausecrazyfailfunnyhumorhumourlloyd

How To Deal With Constipation

An explanation of what constipation is and some common medical and non-medical treatments for the condition - Videojug provides these ... tags: constipationdocusatefiberfluidsforhomeremedies

Salad Topper Recipes

Mediterranean inspired salad topper all the taste and flavor without the added sodium. tags: cheesecottagehealthyidealunchquickrecipe

India's "Red Sea" Threat

For miles on end the waters of the Tamil Nadu coast are blood red. Locals say this is because the 7 companies that mine for rare minerals ... tags: Indiamarineminingnuclearpollutionpowersea

How To Make Fake Snow At Home

This VideoJug film is designed to show you how to make fake snow using a couple of around-the-house ingredients. It is a fun science ... tags: fakeforingredientskidspolyacrylatesciencesnow

One shot: US state tries new lethal injection

An Ohio man was executed with a new way to kill a single injection of a drug called 'sodium thiopental'. The common method of executing ... tags: bromideexecutioninjectionpancuroniumpentatholpotassiumsingle

Sodium Content Remains High in Food

Sodium content remains high in foods.A recent study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest shows that sodium levels in packaged ... tags: contentfoodsgeneralHealthinNewssodium