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Amanda Bynes' Parents Step In, Might Seek Conservatorship

New details are emerging in the wake of Amanda Bynes' apparent breakdown, which landed her in an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold. tags: amandabynesdogdrivewayfiregasolinein

Incompetent fisherman

Dogs get in the way of a man fishing and end up with everyone soaked. tags: 04153dogsfishermanfishingfunnyleashsoaked

DEVELOPING: Blood Soaked Machete Killer Caught on Tape

A video posted to the ITV website reportedly shows one of the men who hacked a British soldier to death just moments after the attack. The ... tags: BloodCaughtDEVELOPING:KillerMacheteOn-DemandOra

EPIC BARON ASSIST - League of Legends - (Game 10)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here Gangplank is probably one of my top three favorite champs to play as at this point, haha. If ... tags: 3D5v5actionadadventureaudioazurite

507-509 dark bow spec KO (Without Soaked DMG) - Eagle eye

How to Kill Divine To Submit your clips WIN The title of Bamf of the Day Winner Livestream you are a BAMF Hang out in my friends chat ... tags: 507-509awesomebamfbamfotdbonesawbowdark

Vodka Soaked Gummi Bears

Jimmy shares a new way that kids are enjoying gummi bears tags: BearsGummiJimmyKimmelSoakedTalk_and_InterviewVodka

Hot Reporter Gets Soaked With Water Blooper

Local reporter went to a house to confront a mother about an incident and was treated rather rudely with this unexpected shower. tags: anchor beautiful beauty blooper bottled car child