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A Mini-Hotel in Copenhagen | Euromaxx

A former district of ill repute in the city of Copenhagen is currently home to a much talked about hotel - perhaps among the smallest in ... tags: centralCopenhagendeutschedweuromaxxhotelsmallest

BIGGEST D**KS: North Dakota Men Packing Largest Thunder in New Condom Study

New study produced by Condomania is sizing up penis around the country. It found men with the largest packages live in North Dakota. The ... tags: biggestcompanycondomanialargemississippinewsbreakernorth_dakota

Germany's smallest bank | People & Politics

There actually is a bank that has not suffered from the finance crisis. It's Germanys smallest bank,in Gammesfeld,a village near Rothenburg ... tags: bankCrisisDeutscheDW-TVGammesfeldGermanyPeople

"A Boy and His Atom" is world's smallest movie

A stop-motion movie made by IBM scientists pushing around actual atoms now holds the Guinness World Record for the world's smallest ...

WESH 2's Dave McDaniel takes Ripley's smallest car for spin

Reporter Dave McDaniel got to test drive the smallest car ever to go into production. McDaniel is 6 feet 5 inches tall. tags: believecardaveitmcdanielnotor

NASA's Kepler Discovers Its Smallest 'Habitable Zone' Planets to Date WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

NASA's Kepler mission has discovered two new planetary systems that include three super-Earth-size planets in the 'habitable zone,' the ... tags: DateDiscoversHabitableItsKeplerNASAsPlanets

Smallest man and woman meet

By TNRChandra Bahadur Dangi and Jyoti Amge met for the first time for the production of Guinness World Records 2013. tags: AmgeBahadurChandraDangiJyotimanSmallest

World's Smallest Bicycle

I must go, my people need me. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: bicyclebikecoolsmallsmall-bikesmallestworlds

Incredible world records

By TNRSome of the entries in Guinness World Records 2013 gather to celebrate the launch of the latest book and App. tags: bicepsBiggestGuinnessIncredibleRecordbreakersRecordsSmallest

The world's smallest bodybuilder dies

The world's smallest bodybuilder, Romeo Dev, has died at the age of 23. Report by Lambornk. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter ... tags: AndFinallymanNewsRecordsmalleststunts

Record breaking animals: Basketball playing parrots

A look at some of the animal stars of this year's Guinness Book of World Records. Report by Morrism. Like us on Facebook at and follow us ... tags: andanimalbookbullfinallyguinnessrecords