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Are All Men Pedophiles? Yes!

The documentary 'Are all men pedophiles' will shock you It proves that men love 16yr old girls LINKS ===== 2nd ... tags: AllAreBastardBreureGreekJan-WillemJohn

UFC Predictions: Evans vs Davis/ Sonnen vs Bisping

Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis. I'm going with Rashad. Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping I'm going with Bisping My MMA predictions are always ... tags: BloodChaelDanaFoxJohnMichael BispingMMA

Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem - UFC 141 PREDICTIONS

Alistair Overeem vs Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is going down in the first Nate Diaz will beat Cerrone. My MMA predictions are always correct ... tags: AlistairBloodBrock LesnarCerroneDiazDonaldFighter

A Fat Bastards Vlog - Too much Rum!

I went to The Bahamas and put on 15lbs in 5 days. I came home weighing 237lbs. Time to lose it... LINKS ===== 2nd CHANNEL - ... tags: BahamasBastardDaiquiriDietFatJohnJuicy

Flagged Again!! Youtube, WTF MAN?!

Youtube's tearing me a new asshole. They really hate my content LINK TO FLAGGED VIDEO SKYY'S LINKS ASK THE JOHN VLOG CHANNEL - ... tags: AgainFlaggedImInnocentJohnMan!Skyy

I have herpes!

Meet Amanda, she's cute, single, and she has genital herpes. HERPES HELP LINKS ===== 2nd CHANNEL - ... tags: AmandaBumpsCondonGenitalGospel Of JohnHerpesHerpes Genitalis

Kobe Bryant divorcing! No Prenup! ...Dumbass!

Kobe Bryant's dumb ass got married at 22 without a prenup How stupid can you be Here's my commentary. LINKS ===== 2nd CHANNEL - ... tags: AngelesBasketballBastardBlackBryantCheatingColorado

Lindsay Lohan Playboy: Where the bush?

Just bought the new Lindsay Lohan Playboy magazine. I quickly realized something was noticeably absent--where's the bush LINKS ===== 2nd ... tags: BunnyCenterfoldDinaHefnerHughLindsayLohan

Asking the John

A question of the day for SkyyJohn's Ask the John segment Follow me on twitter Find me on facebook Previous ... tags: ask Ask the John bird day entry girl john

How much money do RayWilliamJohnson, Freddiew and EpicMealTime make on Youtube?

AbeerhKhan has created a formula to figure out how much money the big Youtubers make LINKS ===== 2nd CHANNEL - ... tags: Adsense Ballers Ballin Earning Epic epicmealtime Freddie