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Shenzen : la Silicon Valley à la chinoise

Shenzen la Silicon Valley la chinoise

Frédéric Tardy présente l'AXA Lab

Frdric Tardy prsente lAXA Lab

Report: NSA Broke Into Yahoo, Google Data Centers

The Washington Post is reporting that the National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect ...

"Face aux affaires comme Prism l'Union européenne a la responsabilité de protéger les ...

Lundi dernier la France tait au coeur des nouvelles rvlations de l'affaire Snowden sur un programme de surveillance de la NSA, Prism. ...

Multiple tablet rollouts show field has shifted

In years past, competitors would lie low on days when Apple unveiled its latest products, but that was when Apple dominated the market. ...

Twitter's Top Engineer Getting Paid in Crazy Job Market

Twitter's top engineer, Christopher Fry, raked in 10.3 million this year. That's just under CEO Dick Costolo's 11.5 million paycheck.

Samsung Plays Catch-up On Software

To thrive in a mobile-device market increasingly dominated by software specialists like Apple, Google and Microsoft, which acquired Nokia's ...

Vliegtuigje maakt noodlanding op straat

Een klein vliegtuigje is donderdagochtend geland op een straat in het centrum van de Silicon Valley-regio in de Amerikaanse staat ...

Silicon Valley: Flugzeug landet im Berufsverkehr

Ein Kleinflugzeug ist am Donnerstag mitten im Berufsverkehr auf einer Strae im kalifornischen Silicon Valley gelandet. Ursache der ...

Why Zuckerberg Thinks Government Should Not "Move Fast And Break Things"

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is not only optimistic about Congress, but thinks its general operating principles are A-OK. The cynical ...

General Motors and Ford are moving beyond Detroit to look for fresh ideas in Silicon Valley to ...

3 UPDATE Wells Fargo announced they will lay off 2,300 employees in the home loan department. ABC is set to cut 2 of its total workforce. ... tags: abcamerican_airlinesdetroitdisneyFordGeneral_MotorsGoldman_Sachs

LaVieHighTech #15 Special Silicon Valley : AirBNB

AirBNB, vous connaissez srement. Startup spcialise dans la locations de maison, d'appartement et mme de simples chambres dans le monde ... tags: AirBNBfreshnewsHotwireHWSFTRIPLaVieHighTechProdSiliconValley