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Shooting Bigfoot Videos by Popular

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting

PBS Summary Report on Alleged Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Case 5-16-2013 Primary Investigators Stan Gordon-- Independent Bigfoot and UFO ... tags: Bigfootdead_bigfootPennsylvaniapolicePorsche_911_GT3repostsasquatch

Shooting Bigfoot Director Morgan Matthew interview

This is an interview with the director of the film Shooting Bigfoot. The film and story surrounding it is that a bigfoot was killed and it ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologydead_bigfootHoaxMorgan_MatthewsRick_Dyersasquatch

Christopher Noel Talks about Tent Video

Christopher Noel talks about the tent video and the possible killing of a real bigfoot by Rick Dyer. Thanks tags: BigfootChistopher_Noeldead_bigfootRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfoottent_video

Bigfoot In Tent Video Is Dead!

This is a video made about our breaking news about the possible killing of a bigfoot in Texas. The Tent video is the footage this is in ... tags: bigfootdeadfilmreal_or_hoaxRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfoot

Texas Man Says He Shot Two Bigfoots!

This is from the old Art Bell show - A man claims to have killed 2 bigfoots and hide the bodies. Thanks tags: Art_BellbigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatchShooting_BigfootSquatch

The Crypto Show - Tent Video & Crypto Crew

cThe Crypto Show - This show we talk about the Rick Dyer Tent video and The Crypto Crew. Thanks tags: bigfootcrypto_crewdead_bigfootRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfootSquatch

Tent video - enhanced

A enhancement of the tent video, reportedly this bigfoot was shot and killed and it was all captured on video. Thanks tags: BigfootDead_BigfootRick_DyersasquatchShooting_Bigfootsquatchtent_video

Tent Video - Is it a Mask

Many Including myself at one point thinks the bigfoot seen in the Tent video is a mask and it could be. Well I have tried to give everyone ... tags: BigfootReal_or_FakeRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfootsquatchtent_video