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[China] First Manned Docking of Shenzhou 9 to Tiangong-1 Spacelab

China performed their first ever manned automated docking today June 18th at 0608 UTC when the manned Shenzhou 9 spacecraft docked with the ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[China] Crew Enter Tiangong-1 Space Lab

The three membered crew of Shenzhou 9 become the first ever astronauts to enter the Chinese Tiangong-1 Space Laboratory.Hatches opened at ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

China's Shenzhou 9 capsule docks with orbiting space module

A Chinese spacecraft has docked with the Tiangong 1 space module, 213 miles above Earth. Report by Katie Lamborn. Like us on Facebook at ... tags: capsuleChinamoduleNasaNewsorbitShenzhou

[China] Crew Perform First Manual Docking (24th June 2012)

After a successful automated docking 6 days ago the crew aboard the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft undocked from Tiangong-1 today at 0315 UTC before ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[China] Highlights of Shenzhou 9 Undocking & Redocking

Highlights from the undocking and manual redocking of manned Shenzhou 9 between the Tiangong-1 Spacelab.Undocking took place around 0315 ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[Tiangong-1] Shenzhou-8 Undocks & Redocks Successfully in Test

The Shenzhou-8 Spacecraft which launched on the 31st October and docked to the Tiangong-1 Spacelab on the 2nd November has successfully ... tags: dockshenzhoushenzhou-8spacelabtiangongtiangong-1undock

[Tiangong-1] Shenzhou-8 Undocks, Re-enters Earth and Lands

The Shenzhou-8 Spacecraft that has been docked to the Tiangong-1 Spacelab for a few weeks successfully undocked for the 2nd time after ... tags: earthlandlandinglandsre-enterreentershenzhou

[China] Shenzhou 9 Undocks from Tiangong 1 Ahead of Landing

Shenzhou 9 with the three Chinese astronauts onboard undocked from the Tiangong 1 Spacelab today, June 28th at 0122 UTC. They had spend ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

China Shenzhou-8 Successfully Docks to Tiangong-1 Spacelab

The Shenzhou-8 Spacecraft successfully docked to the Tiangong-1 Spacelab today around 1729 UTC.Shenzhou-8 will remain docked for around 12 ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksprogramshenzhou