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X-Men : Days of Future Past - Magneto vs. JFK (Viral)

Dans cette nouvelle vido virale publi par la 20th Century Fox pour la promotion du film X-Men Days of Future Pastnous apprenons que ... tags: Anna_PaquinBryan_SingerHalle_BerryHugh_JackmanIan_McKellenJames_McAvoyJennifer_Lawrence

Is The Following's Ryan Hardy Still Cursed? - NY Comic Con 2013

Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore and Connie Nielsen talk about Season 2.

Show Me Your Camera Smile

Mother's Day 2010 - Show Me Your Camera Smile - Ike Koffin Patrick Flueger and Beth Sohapi Jaime King have a discussion about whether ... tags: A._J._CookAddley_KoffinAlexa_VegaAndrew_BryniarskiAnnette_LangstonBeth_SohapiBriana_Evigan

Mother's Day - Trailer #1

Mother's Day 2010 - Trailer 1 - The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners ... tags: A._J._CookAddley_KoffinAlexa_VegaAndrew_BryniarskiAnnette_LangstonBeth_SohapiBriana_Evigan

I Believe You

Mother's Day 2010 - I Believe You - Although Natalie 'Mother8217 Koffin Rebecca De Mornay believes hostage Beth Sohapi Jaime King is ... tags: A._J._CookAddley_KoffinAlexa_VegaAndrew_BryniarskiAnnette_LangstonBeth_SohapiBriana_Evigan

That's Not Our House Anymore

Mother's Day 2010 - That's Not Our House Anymore - Ike Koffin Patrick Flueger forces hostage, George Barnum Shawn Ashmore, to work on his ... tags: A._J._CookAddley_KoffinAlexa_VegaAndrew_BryniarskiAnnette_LangstonBeth_SohapiBriana_Evigan

Pawns Go First

X-Men The Last Stand 2006 - Pawns Go First - Magneto Ian McKellen and his followers face down soldiers armed with mutant cure. tags: Aaron_StanfordAnna_PaquinArchangelArclightBeastBen_FosterBill_Duke

Phoenix Shatters Xavier

X-Men The Last Stand 2006 - Phoenix Shatters Xavier - Following a psychic struggle, Phoenix Famke Janssen obliterates Professor Xavier ... tags: Aaron_StanfordAnna_PaquinArchangelArclightBeastBen_FosterBill_Duke

I Want to See Your Eyes

X-Men The Last Stand 2006 - I Want to See Your Eyes - Jean Famke Janssen emerges from the lake and approaches Cyclops 8220James Marsden8221 ... tags: Aaron_StanfordAnna_PaquinArchangelArclightBeastBen_FosterBill_Duke

Phoenix Falls

X-Men The Last Stand 2006 - Phoenix Falls - Logan Hugh Jackman destroys Phoenix Famke Janssen out of love for her alter ego, Jean. tags: Aaron_StanfordAnna_PaquinArchangelArclightBeastBen_FosterBill_Duke

One of Them

X-Men The Last Stand 2006 - One of Them - Beast Kelsey Grammer injects Magneto Ian McKellen with the mutant cure, rendering him frail. tags: Aaron_StanfordAnna_PaquinArchangelArclightBeastBen_FosterBill_Duke

I'm the Juggernaut

X-Men The Last Stand 2006 - I'm the Juggernaut - Juggernaut Vinnie Jones bounds after Kitty Ellen Page, smashing a series of walls. tags: Aaron_StanfordAnna_PaquinArchangelArclightBeastBen_FosterBill_Duke