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Wing Pointe Garbage Dump, Cruelty

Was she joking It had to be a joke when a Wing Pointe canned hunt club manager made a snide remark to a SHARK investigator as the Wing ... tags: AssociationBerksCannedCorruptCountyCowardCruel

Pennsylvania's Pigeon Shoot Wars

The Philadelphia Gun Club in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania continues to hold cruel and cowardly live pigeon shoots. Now the battle is ... tags: AssociationBensalemBucksCorruptCountyCowardCruel

Gun Club's Shameful Wall Collapses

The Philadelphia Gun Club's members thought they could hide their animal abuse behind a huge fabric wall. Nature and Karma had other ideas. tags: AssociationAttorneyBensalemBucksClubCorruptCounty

Moron on a Horse ( an example of Pennsylvania's Shame)

One moron demonstrates his ignorance, fear and hatred of beautiful animals. tags: AssociationCorruptCowardCruelFlyerHorseLive

Cruel Gun Club Dumps into the Delaware River

The rich, politically connected animal abusers of the Philadelphia Gun Club demonstrate to the world that they can get away with anything ... tags: AbandonAssociationBensalemBucksClubCorruptCounty

Who is that Crazy Pigeon Shooter??????!!!!!!!!!

People everywhere wanted to know who this guy was, and now we know. We have talked about how cruel, cowardly pigeon shooters are wealthy ... tags: AssociationBensalemBerksBucksClubCountyCoward

One Horribly Abused Little Pigeon

This is the story of one horribly abused little pigeon. She is one of hundreds of thousands mercilessly slaughtered by bloodlusting ... tags: AbuseAssociationCorruptCowardsCruelDeathFlyer

Lust at a Cruel, Cowardly Pigeon Shoot

What kind of people get turned on by watching defenseless animals being slaughtered The answer is the cruel cowards who shoot live pigeon ... tags: AssociationBirdCheatersCorruptCowardCruelDove

Pigeon shooter Jordan Irving tries to avoid being filmed

Jordan Irving, Managing Director at Irving Magee Investment Management LLC in Philadelphia, tries hard to avoid being identified as he ... tags: Abuse Association Bensalem Bird Corrupt Coward Cruel

Twelve Rodeo Foals Shot, Killed, Dumped

Personnel from the Powder River Rodeo Company surely showed how much they care about animals when they shot twelve foals to death, and then ... tags: Association Bronc Colt Corrupt Cowboys Cruel Dead

Want to see Cowards? Step Right This Way!

It's like shooting fish in a barrel - shotgun wielding cowards blasting away at pigeons tossed out of a roofless shed. It's called a tower ... tags: Association Canned Corrupt Coward Cruel Hunt Live

One pigeon shoot victim, close-up

When so many helpless animals are slaughtered by overstuffed pigeon shooters, even caring people may become a little jaded. This video ... tags: Association Bird Corrupt Cowards Cruel Die Flyer