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Make A Simple But Delicious Thai Mussel Dish

In this episode of The Tasty Tenner food vlogger and chef Tess Ward shows you how to make a quick and simple thai mussel dish, served with ... tags: breadcheapfoodgarlicmusselsrecipeshallots

How To Chop Shallots

Jim Davis Hi I am Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you how to chop a shallot.Shallots are kind of a combination between ... tags: ChopCutDiceKnifeKnivesMinceShallots

How To Make Scallops With Bacon And Garlic Butter

Scallops With Bacon And Garlic Butter recipe. This tempting appetiser mixes the smoked flavour of bacon with the juicy tenderness of ... tags: bacongarlicscallopsshallots

How To Make Béarnaise Sauce

Barnaise sauce recipe. Very versatile and quick to make, this recipe for barnaise sauce goes well with all varieties of grilled meats. tags: béarnaiseeggpeppercornsshallotstarragon

How To Make Quinoa With Mushrooms And Fresh Herbs

Quinoa with mushrooms and fresh herbs recipe. Quinoa was a staple of the Incan empire because it offered such complete nutrition. Now a ... tags: foodherbsLatinmushroomsquinoashallotsvegetarian

How To Make Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo recipe. An Italian restaurant staple, Fettuccine Alfredo is not only simple to make with its high cream content, it also ... tags: foodItalianparmesanpastashallotsvegetarian

How To Make Chicken Liver Crostini

Chicken Liver Crostini Recipe. A perfect appetizer or snack. This dish is full of vita and minerals. Tasty and good for you Relish our ... tags: chickencrostinilivershallots

How To Make Tomato Salad With Chives & Shallots

Tomato Salad with Chives Shallots Recipe. A juicy tomato salad with a flavoursome chive and shallot twist and a mustard dressing - perfect ... tags: dressingmustardrawshallotstomato

Beef Stroganoff

Chef Susan Odell demonstrates her own special recipe for a classic Beef Stroganoff. tags: BeefCognacDijonDinnerMushroomsMustardPasta

How To Mince Shallots

Chef Jim Davis shows you how to mince shallots. tags: ChopCutDiceKnifeKnivesMinceShallots

How To Slice Shallots

Chef Jim Davis shows you how to slice shallots. tags: ChopCutDiceKnifeKnivesMinceShallots