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Series: Style And How-to Videos - 2 by Popular

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: Davide Freese

Watch as we give David Freese a GQ Project Upgrade.

Style and How-To - The Craziest Jeans in the World: GQ Talks to Brandon Svarc

From glow-in-the-dark denim to the heaviest jeans ever created, Naked Famous guru Brandon Svarc visits the GQ fashion closet to display ...

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: Upgrade Your Weekend Style

Learn GQ's secrets to looking sharp out of the office and in warmer weather.

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: The Jersey Shore Gets Pumped

A behind-the-scenes look at GQ's November 2010 shoot with the boys of Jersey Shore.

Style and How-To - Swizz Beats: How to Tie a Bow Tie - GQ

Celebrity hiphop producer Swizz Beats shows the right way to Tie a Bow Tie.

Style and How-To - The Made-to-Order Sneaker: Jim Moore at NikeID

GQ editor Jim Moore investigates the made-to-order sneakers at NikeID.

Style and How-To - How to Buy a Suit - GQ

GQ Style Editor Adam Rapoport walks through the three things to consider when buying a suit

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: The Man in the Three-Piece Suit

When you run the hottest restaurant in New York, youve got to dress the part. We show three-piece enthusiast Arnold Rossman how to rein it ...

Style and How-To - Suit Your Shape - GQ

Whether you're tall or short, stocky or lanky, there are style secrets to making a suit look right for your body. A video primer for the ...

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: Professional Style

Watch and learn how to amp up your office look--without breaking your budget.

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: Business Casual

When you dont have to wear a suit and tie to the office, what are you supposed to wear Flip-flops GQ shows rookie sales guy Josh Thielker ...

Style and How-To - GQ's Project Upgrade: Golf Style

When you're 28, why dress like you're 48 GQ shows six-handicapper Hayward McEver how to get his swing back.