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Chinese rescue ship for trapped Russian vessel also becomes stranded

The Chinese icebreaker that attempted to free a trapped Russian research vessel off Antarctica has also become stranded. Seventy-four ... tags: alsoAntarcticaAustraliabecomesChineseforRescue

Panamanian president appeals to Spain and Italy leaders over canal row

A row over an extension to the Panama Canal has escalated after a Spanish-led consortium threatened to down tools in three weeks unless ... tags: andappealscanalItalyleadersPanamaPanamanian

Panama Canal expansion contractors in strike threat over pay dispute

The Spanish-led consortium working on a giant project to expand the Panama Canal is threatening to suspend the operation if its demands for ... tags: CanalcontractorsdisputeexpansionoverPanamapay

Second icebreaker on its way to trapped Antarctica ship

A ship stuck in ice near Antarctica is waiting for a rescue attempt, after a Chinese icebreaker failed to free it. The Snow Dragon was ... tags: AntarcticaicebreakeritsRescueRussiaSea_transportSecond

Antarctica: icebreaker stalls on rescue mission

A Chinese icebreaker on its way to rescue a Russian ship trapped in Antarctica has itself been stalled by thick ice and forced to turn ... tags: AntarcticaAntarctica:AustraliaChinaFranceicebreakermission

Manhattan-sized iceberg could be heading for shipping lanes

A huge slab of ice, compared in size to Manhattan, has broken away from Antarctica and is heading into open seas. After breaking free in ... tags: couldforheadingicebergIcelandlanesManhattan-sized

Something in the air

Cruise ships - massive floating hotels - sail all around the coasts of Europe. But this luxurious fleet doesn't just carry passengers it ...

India arrests team of anti-pirates in Tamil Nadu

After a week in detention India has impounded a US-owned private security anti-piracy ship and arrested its entire crew of 35. They have ...

Chinese cargo ship reaches Rotterdam via Arctic route

The 'Yong Sheng' container ship has become the first Chinese commercial vessel to reach Europe after taking the arctic route north of ...

Ferry to Zanzibar

Taking the ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar, Tanzania. For more info tags: darferryseagullseatransportzanzibarznz