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Does a soul have 84 births or 84 lakh births?

Q I am a student. I belong to a Sikh family. I have just started listening to the Brahmakumaris, and during their course I was taught that ... tags: accordingbirthcyclegurbanihumanlakhre-birth

Now read 200 year old hand written scriptures online

Books available at the library include Bhagwad Gita, Nanak Dev, Maharbharat, Ramayan, Ram Charitra Manas and several other books. The ... tags: BooksHandReligiousScriptureswritten

Biblical Meditation --Stay in Touch--Ron Mainse

Ron explains 'The dictionary defines 'meditation' as 'the act of focusing one's thoughts to ponder, think on, or muse.' Meditation consists ... tags: 05actuallyageareBibleeasternembraced

The Power of the Word

By following God and His Word you can unlock amazing mysteries hidden in past ages that may seem beyond your imagination. Watch this ... tags: a better lifeanswers to questionsbest directionsBeyond TodayBibleBible studyBook of Wisdom

Tithing: God's Financial Keys to Success

Discover how tithing is an act of worship from which God learns much about our hearts and our treasure. Watch this program, read the ... tags: 10 percent10% of incomeAbrahamact of worshipBeyond TodayBibleChristian

1 Corinthians 15 (Rebroadcast)

Reading by Michael Lee.Download audio file 1Corinthians_15.mp3 tags: BibleCanonCanonicalChristianityChurchEcumenicalEmergent

1 Corinthians 16 (Rebroadcast)

Reading by Michael Lee.Download audio file 1Corinthians_16.mp3 tags: BibleCanonCanonicalChristianityChurchEcumenicalEmergent

"Simpli Simpel" by Pritt

Gospel Music old and new, traditional and modern, for the young in years and the old in ears. This music is presented to you for your ... tags: "Christian""hannuka""Jesus"Lamb"Messiah""Pesach""Yeshua"

Menorah Mayhem

Is having a 7 branched Menorah or a 9 branched Chanukiah Menorah wrong and considered idolatry tags: 7 branched menorah9 branched menorahAddBibleBrit ChadashahChanukiahChrist

Rabbi's Rules

Rabbi's Rules. 5 personal rules I live by as a Rabbi. 1. I only speak on what I know, that I know, that I know. 2. If I don't know, I will ... tags: BibleBrit ChadashahChristCommandmentsCustomDoctrineFaith