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Colonel Kurtz

Apocalypse Now 1979 - Colonel Kurtz - Captain Benjamin L. Willard Martin Sheen has his first encounter with the man he was sent to ... tags: AgentAlbert_HallAmerican_PhotojournalistBill_GrahamBo_ByersCaptain_Benjamin_L._WillardChief_Phillips

The Smell of Napalm In the Morning

Apocalypse Now 1979 - The Smell of Napalm In the Morning - Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore Robert Duvall orders a massive napalm strike on ... tags: AgentAlbert_HallAmerican_PhotojournalistBill_GrahamBo_ByersCaptain_Benjamin_L._WillardChief_Phillips

Do Lung Bridge

Apocalypse Now 1979 - Do Lung Bridge - At the very last military outpost at the Do Lung bridge, Captain Benjamin L. Willard Martin Sheen ... tags: AgentAlbert_HallAmerican_PhotojournalistBill_GrahamBo_ByersCaptain_Benjamin_L._WillardChief_Phillips

Terminate With Extreme Prejudice

Apocalypse Now 1979 - Terminate With Extreme Prejudice - General Corman G.D. Spradlin and Colonel Lucas Harrison Ford assign Captain ... tags: AgentAlbert_HallAmerican_PhotojournalistBill_GrahamBo_ByersCaptain_Benjamin_L._WillardChief_Phillips

Ride of the Valkyries

Apocalypse Now 1979 - Ride of the Valkyries - Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore Robert Duvall attacks a Vietnamese village from the air while ... tags: AgentAlbert_HallAmerican_PhotojournalistBill_GrahamBo_ByersCaptain_Benjamin_L._WillardChief_Phillips

Apocalypse Now - Trailer #1

Apocalypse Now 1979 - Trailer 1 - From Academy Award winning director Francis Ford Coppola The Godfather , The Godfather Part 2 comes his ... tags: AgentAlbert_HallAmerican_PhotojournalistBill_GrahamBo_ByersCaptain_Benjamin_L._WillardChief_Phillips

Monique Meets Her Fate

Journey to the End of the Night 2006 - Monique Meets Her Fate - Wemba Mos Def tries to drive himself and Monique Alice Braga to safety, but ... tags: Alice_BragaAna_Paula_DemambroAntonio_PintoBrendan_FraserCatalina_Sandino_MorenoEric_EasonGilson_Adalberto_Gomes

Rodrigo Returns

Journey to the End of the Night 2006 - Rodrigo Returns - Sinatra Scott Glenn asks Wemba Mos Def to take Angie Catalina Sandino Moreno to ... tags: Alice_BragaAna_Paula_DemambroAntonio_PintoBrendan_FraserCatalina_Sandino_MorenoEric_EasonGilson_Adalberto_Gomes

Shoot the Dog

Journey to the End of the Night 2006 - Shoot the Dog - Paul Brendan Fraser instructs Rodrigo Milhem Cortaz to shoot The Soothsayer8217s Ruy ... tags: Alice_BragaAna_Paula_DemambroAntonio_PintoBrendan_FraserCatalina_Sandino_MorenoEric_EasonGilson_Adalberto_Gomes

Chased by a Gunman

Journey to the End of the Night 2006 - Chased by a Gunman - Wemba Mos Def and Monique Alice Braga are chased by a gunman who8217s after the ... tags: Alice_BragaAna_Paula_DemambroAntonio_PintoBrendan_FraserCatalina_Sandino_MorenoEric_EasonGilson_Adalberto_Gomes

Does My Wife Love Me?

Journey to the End of the Night 2006 - Does My Wife Love Me - Sinatra Scott Glenn seeks answers from The Soothsayer Ruy Polanah. tags: Alice_BragaAna_Paula_DemambroAntonio_PintoBrendan_FraserCatalina_Sandino_MorenoEric_EasonGilson_Adalberto_Gomes

A Tragic End

Journey to the End of the Night 2006 - A Tragic End - Angie Catalina Sandino Moreno holds Paul Brendan Fraser at gunpoint, but is ... tags: Alice_BragaAna_Paula_DemambroAntonio_PintoBrendan_FraserCatalina_Sandino_MorenoEric_EasonGilson_Adalberto_Gomes