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Scientist Videos - 4 by Popular

Jewish Artists - The Influence of Exiles | Arts 21

It's well known that many Jewish scientists and artists fled Nazi Germany. Less well known is their cultural influence in the countries ...

Brilliant Minds - Computer Scientist Mehul Bhatt | Tomorrow Today

From Bombay to Bremen Dr. Mehul Bhatt is a long way from home, but is in any case involved in virtual worlds. He specializes in spatial ...

Brilliant Minds: Roberto Rinaldi of Brazil | Tomorrow Today

Roberto Rinaldi is a researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Mlheim on the Ruhr. He is looking for a way to use agricultural waste to ...

'Humans to blame' on climate change

A major international report on climate science has been published, with scientists more certain than ever that humans are causing global ...

Almanac: Dinosaurs

On December 18th, 1892 Sir Richard Owen, the British scientist who gave dinosaurs their name, died at the age of 88. 'Sunday Morning' opens ...

Scientist awarded Nobel Prize after death

Biologist Ralph Steinman was awarded the Nobel Price for physics just days after passing away from a long-term battle with cancer. Terrell ...

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Comic-Con 2012 Stage Demo

We check out mission from single player and customize some multiplayer classes.

Rania Masri on Reality Asserts Itself

Paul Jay talks to peace activist and environmentalist Rania Masri about her journey - from Bahrain to North Carolina, from scientist to ...

Scientists Report Successful Teleportation

Scientists from Zurich, Switzerland reported that their experiment in teleportation was a huge success. What they teleported was ... tags: NewsscientistsuccesssuccessfulTechteleportation

Nigeria: Doctors treat lead-poisoned children

The Nigerian village that suffered one of the world's worst recorded incidents of lead poisoning is now habitable and doctors can start ... tags: contaminationdoctorLAGOSLeadMentalNigeriapoisoning

Scientists Grow a Human Ear

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have grown an artificial human ear in their lab.Researchers from the ... tags: eargrewgrowHealthhumanNewsscientist

Scientists Create Synthetic Yeast Cells

Researchers in the United Kingdom are building a chromosome as part of a collaboration of international scientists to create synthetic ... tags: cellsscientistsyntheticyeast