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Sciatica and spinal problems treated with Homeopathy - Life Line

Sciatica and spinal problems treated with Homeopathy - Life Line

Marin Medical Massage Video - Mill Valley, CA United States

marinmedmassage.comMarin Medical Massage - Mill Valley, CA United States

Acupuncture Associates of the South Shore

Daniel S. Karp, Licensed Acupuncturist Promoting the Body's Natural Ability to Heal My primary concern is to address the needs of each ... tags: BackChronicDistressFatigueHeadacheMenopausalMigraine

RE: Pain Down the Leg

MassageNerd Group My problem is lower back and butt pain plus very severe pain down the FRONT of my shin thigh and roundmy groin. Is ... tags: gluteusmassagemaximusmediusminimuspainquad

Sacro Wedgy

ON THE SACRO WEDGYLying and relaxing on the SACRO WEDGY is the most important part of helping muscles return to a proper balance. It is ... tags: bulgingdegenerativedisksherniatedpiriformissacralsacro

Cindy from Sacro Wedgy - Live Interview

Learn about the evolution of the Sacro Wedgy and how it has helped lower back pain, hip pain, 'pain in the butt', common to runners, ... tags: backlowpiriformispsoassacralsacrosacrowedgy

Sciatica - Chiropractic Tips, Treatments and Techniques

Dr. Pirkl practices diversified, manual technique and offers competent adjustments of the back, neck, and extremity joints. Often joints ... tags: chiropracticdoctordr.modalityperiformispiriformispiroformis

Homeo treatment for Back pain and Sciatica - Life Line

Homeo treatment for Back pain and Sciatica - Life Line tags: andBackforHomeoLifeLinepain

How to avoid sciatica

Though sciatica usually resolves on its own, there are things you can do to decrease your chances of getting it in the first place. Dr. ... tags: avoidDr.isRaiszadehRaminsciaticsciatica

How to know if your back pain is serious

Most women experience back pain from time to time, so how do you know when it's serious Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh tells you how to determine if ... tags: backbackpaincausesDr.ofpainRaiszadeh

Back pain prevention tips for women

Did you know there are a few simple things women can do to avoid suffering from back pain Dr. Raiszadeh describes three preventative ... tags: backbackpaincausesDr.ofpainRaiszadeh