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Predict ANYTHING with your Smartphone! - Scam School

You're likely already holding a magic trick in your pocket. Greg Rostami joins Brian to help folks turn their smartphones into modern day ...

Racket Squad: Raccoon Hunt 1951

Ex-Con thinks he can make some quick cash from a sucker being convinced he'd shot somebody while hunting raccoons.

This Stunning Card Trick Kicks Ass! - Scam School

You can never have enough card tricks in your arsenal. David Rangel joins Brian to drop some heavy dice science to deliver a kick-ass card ...

Can You Beat Brian's Ultimate Pub Quiz? - Scam School

Brian calls for a battle of wits by throwing down these puzzle challenges.

Super Fun, Super Simple Match Trick! - Scam School

In this episode we stump our guests with a puzzle that requires the simplest of props All you need are some matchsticks and either a coin, ... tags: barsbar_magicbar_scamsbar_tricksbeerbrainteasersbrian_brushwood

Awesome Chess Puzzle: Turn Your Chess Board into a Minesweeper Game! - Scam School

It's our third and final installment with the Stanford Chess Club. This week, we challenge these geniuses to solve three 'Chess ... tags: agic_tricksbar_tricksbrian_brushwoodchesschess_club_gameschess_puzzleschess_scams

Awesome Chess Puzzles That'll Fool a Genius! - Scam School

We're still hung over from celebrating the New Year, so we're taking a break from the bar. This week, Scam School is back in session at one ... tags: brian_brushwoodchesschess_gameschess_geniuschess_puzzleschess_scamschess_variants

The One-Handed Upside Down Drink Slam! - Scam School

Here's a gag that will either make you totally bad ass, or totally wet The challenge using only one hand and no outside assistance, see if ... tags: @shwoodbar_tricksbar_tricks_revealedbrian_brushwoodbrushwooddiy_magiceasy_magic_tricks

Episode 1: Bar's Open!

It8217s our debut episode Owen JJ Stone, Brian Brushwood and Tony Falcone talk about a ridiculous amount of topics. From the best sci-fi ... tags: brian_brushwoodcall_incomedydrinkinghumornsfwohdoctah