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Saddam Videos - 4 by Popular

Hollandalı silah tüccarına bir ceza daha

Saddam rejimine hardal gaznda kullanlan thiodiglycol TDG adl kimyasal madde satmakla sulanan Hollandal silah tccar Frans van Anraat, Halepe ... tags: AdaletdahaeuronewsHüseyinHollandaIrakSaddam

Classic Songs Revived or Revisited

The lyricist Hal David, and the composer Burt Bacharach, penned some of the most beloved songs from the 20th century. His death this ... tags: BacharachBritishBurtCanadaDionneHusseinNicks

A Year After Murder, Iraq Press Freedom Threatened

One year after a prominent Iraqi journalist and government critic was killed, no one has been arrested for his murder and activists and ... tags: BaghdadHusseinIraqSaddam

Today in History for September 22nd

Highlights of this day in history Nathan Hale hanged in the American Revolution Iraq invades Iran President Gerald Ford faces a ... tags: BerlinHusseinIrvingJaneMooreNationalSaddam

Iraq Archives Chief Moves to Seal Saddam Era Files

The terror of Saddam Hussein's secret police has lived on long after his fall through their millions of reports, which are still dragged up ... tags: AbdulBaghdadHusseinIraqMohamadNabiSaddam

Weightlifting: Iraqi Girls Raise Weights and Eyebrows

A conservative, Shiite-majority area of Baghdad serves as the unlikely base for Iraq's first female national weightlifting team, which is ... tags: AlHodaHusseinIraqMoqtadaSaddamSadr

RAW VIDEO: Panetta Addresses Iraq "Ending" Ceremony

US forces formally marked the end of their mission in Iraq with a low-key ceremony near Baghdad on Thursday, after nearly nine years of ... tags: BaghdadceremonydefenseendHusseinLeonPanetta

Inside Iraq - Iraq's fallen nuclear quest - 12 June 09

Iraqi scientist Imad Khadduri was a witness to the rise and fall of Iraqs nuclear quest. How close did Saddam come to acquiring a nuclear ... tags: alazzawienglishiranIraqJasimjazeera

Analyst: US Leaves Behind a Sectarian Iraq

Paul Salem the Carnegie Institute in Lebanon says eight years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq is veering towards a 'Lebanonization' ... tags: governmentHusseinmilitaryofpaulSaddamsalem

Iraqis Consider the US Legacy in their Country

As the deadline for US troops to withdraw from Iraq approaches, Iraqis reflect on whether the presence of US troops has left a positive ... tags: al-malikiAmericademocracyHusseinmilitarynouriof

Has Iraq Weakened the US Superpower?

From the US invasion in 2003, to the height of its involvement in 2007 with 170,000 soldiers on the ground, to the pullout now drawing to a ... tags: AmericacsiHusseinIraqmilitaryofSaddam

Inside Iraq - Ali Allawi - 26 June 09

The US-Iraq security pact stipulates that all American combat troops will withdraw from Iraqi cities at the end of this month.Ali Allawi, a ... tags: alaliallawiazzawienglishinsideIraq