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Why Was Roger Ailes' 'Right-Hand Man' Terminated?

Fox News has confirmed the termination of Brian Lewis, who is often called Roger Ailes' right-hand man. tags: brian_lewisfox_newsfox_news_personnelfox_news_presidentmedia_newsroger_ailes

'Course Correction' Underway at Fox News?

The latest from Politico suggests Fox News is taking a left turn, and its viewers are taking notice. tags: course_correctionfox_course_correctionfox_newsfox_news_leftfox_tea_partyroger_ailessally_kohn_fox

Worst Persons: Bill O, Gov. Rick Perry and Roger Ailes

Find out why Bill O'Reilly is WORSE Gov. Rick Perry R-Texas is WORSER and Roger Ailes is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. tags: 2012_electionBill_O'ReillyCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Worst Persons: Roger Ailes, Herman Cain and Glenn Beck

Find out why FOX News CEO-Chairman Roger Ailes is WORSE Herman Cain, Republican presidential candidate, is WORSER and Glenn Beck is the ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Fox News: We Hire Hot Women For Ratings

In a recent interview Fox News president Roger Ailes said he hired former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah ... tags: cenkuygur femaleanchorsfox Fnc foxnewsailes foxnewsanchors foxnewsanniversary foxnewschannel

Markos Moulitsas On Roger Ailes Attempt at Rebranding Fox

Keith and Daily Kos founder and publisher Markos Moulitsas discuss the improbable claim by Fox executives and Roger Ailes that Fox News is ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Bill O'Reilly Jealous Of Sean Hannity - Fox News President

In a recent Newsweek interview Fox News president Roger Ailes claimed he wants to move the network away from the right wing image it has. ... tags: billoreilly foxnewsailes foxnewsbias foxnewsbiased foxnewsrepublican hannityradio Oreillyfactor

Worst Persons: Mike Shaw, Sarah Palin and Roger Ailes

Find out why acting chairman of the Republican Committee of Pima County, Ariz., Mike Shaw is WORSE former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is WORSER ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Worst Persons: Roger Ailes, Jan Brewer and Sherry Lanford Smith

Find out why Roger Ailes from 'Fixed' News is WORSE, Gov. Jan Brewer from Arizona is WORSER, and Tea Party chair Sherry Lanford Smith is ... tags: 2012_electioncable_newscable_TVCongressconservativecountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Should Fox News Be Investigated?

Should Fox News be investigated in light of the News Of The World Scandal Cenk Uygur revisits the Gawker report about Fox News president ... tags: AmericaBritainCenkEnglandFoxNewsGawkerHack