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Democrats ditch U.S. Senate rule blamed for Washington gridlock

A change of rules on Capitol Hill. Using the so-called 'nuclear option,' Democratic-controlled Senate stripped the ability of Republicans ... tags: andBarackditchexecutivefornomineesreports

Obama rejigs his healthcare reforms as Republicans keep up the pressure to kill the programme

President Obama and the Democrats have finally agreed to make modifications to their flagship health reforms, but only because the huge ... tags: Barack_Obamahealthcarehiskeepkillpressurereforms

Senate Blocks Judicial Nominee With Filibuster

Another of President Obamas choices to fill a vacancy on a powerful appeals court was blocked by a filibuster as Senate Republicans stalled ...

New poll: %60 pro a third major party

According to a new Gallop poll amid the government shutdown, 60 of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job ...

Calls to delay Obamacare enrollment deadline growing

As the administration scrambles to fix the Obamacare website, calls are growing from both Democrats and Republicans to push back the March ...

Obama tells Americans to be fixed in "coming weeks"

Now that order has been restored in the House, U.S. President Barack Obama has a wound to mend -- getting his signature healthcare act to ...

Obama promises fixes to

President Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday that the administration is working 'overtime, 24/7' to fix the problems plaguing the ...

Donald Trump Calls For Republicans to Unify to Win the Shutdown Fight

Donald Trump tells Larry King that the only way Republicans can win in the government shutdown fight is to unify.

A $15 an Hour Minimum Wage? Here's Robert Reich's Argument for it.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich tells Larry why the federal minimum wage should be twice the amount it is now.

Robert Reich: America's Rich Bitten By Their Own Success

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich tells Larry about the hard lessons the rich are learning in America's current stagnant economy.

Robert Reich: Republicans Have Obama's Hands Tied on the Economy.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich tells Larry the economy should be better by now, but he doesn't blame President Obama for the ...

Jamie Rubin: The British Parliament's Vote Changed President Obama's Thinking

Former assistant Secretary of State Jamie Rubin tells Larry that the British Parliament's vote not to support military action against Syria ...