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Reptile Videos - 4 by Popular

Spanking Illegal ?

Another classic 4 year old video. When I made this video I was single and didn't have a son. Kinda interesting watching it now. I still ... tags: aquaticbirdcatdoghamsterinsectM13

London Zoo Counts Over 18,000 Animals

Londons zoo held its annual inventory on Wednesday, cataloguing the 184-year-old zoo's entire collection of mammals, reptiles, insects, ... tags: annualEnglandfishinsectsKingdomlondonreptile

Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher

Wonder what name he puts down once he gets the high score. tags: antbeardedcrusherdragonfunnygamelizard

Small alligator captured in Newmarket, New Hampshire

Police in Newmarket, New Hampshire, were called to a condominium on Friday after an alligator was seen climbing out of the Lamprey River. tags: alligatorgatorHampshireLampreyNewNewmarketreptile

How To Care For Baby Tortoises

Follow Mark Amey's step by step guide to looking after baby tortoises. Tortoises are interesting pets but need committed owners as they can ... tags: BabyExoticInfantReptileTortoises

How To Care For Baby Corn Snakes

Follow VideoJug's expert Mark Amey's step by step guide to looking after your corn snake as a baby and watch it eat a mouse whole. Corn ... tags: animalbabycareexoticpetreptilescary

How To Care For Bearded Dragons

Our expert Mark Amey's shows VideoJug users a step by step guide to looking after Bearded Dragons. These lizards make good pets as they are ... tags: AnimalBeardedCareDragonExoticPetReptile

How To Care For Corn Snakes

Follow Mark Amey's step by step guide to looking after your pet. Corn snakes are placid, non-poisonous snakes and are good pets for all ... tags: animalcareexoticpetreptilescarysnakes

How To Draw A Crocodile

How To Draw A Crocodile Have you ever wanted to try to draw or perhaps get tips to improve your skills This video shows you a simple ... tags: crocodiledrawingreptilesketch

Police find suspected burglar is 5.7 metres-long python

Australian police called to investigate a break-in at a charity shop in northeastern Queensland on Wednesday were shocked to discover that ... tags: AnimalsBurglarExoticFunnyInlongPolice

Longest Alligator Breaks Record

The official record for Florida's longest alligator has just been broken in Orlando after a man trapped an alligator that measured a ... tags: alligatorcapturedFloridaHollywoodhollywoodbackstagelongestOrlando

Snake hitches ride on a car

A snake in Memphis, Tennessee was filmed riding the front of a couple's car, it didn't even offer them petrol money. tags: cargreymemphisonratreptilesnake