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Renewable Energy Videos - 3 by Popular

Food, liquid waste to be converted to energy in Wisconsin

Someday, your house could be powered by food and beverage waste.

Debate over Energy policy | Made in Germany - Interview

Where will the energy transition go from here Energy economist from the German Institute for Economic Research, Claudia Kemfert, has the ...

Trend towards private power plants | Made in Germany

The transition to renewable energy sources has been driving up electricity costs and spreading uncertainty among German industry, which has ...

How to Make a DIY Solar Panel

How to make your own solar panel This an updated video about a series of solar panels made 3 years ago. It consists of a material list, ...

HECO: Some homes cannot use solar power

Some homeowners are crying foul over a recent move by Hawaiian Electric to put the breaks on new photovoltaic systems in some neighborhoods.

Nuclear Energy Facility Takes Big Step In Developing Limitless Power

The National Ignition Facility in California has brought us one step closure to having cheap, limitless energy from nuclear fusion. In a ...

IKEA to Start Selling Solar Panels in U.K.

The U.K. market will act as a test site to see how well solar panels sell with Ikea customers.

Peter Altmaier, German Environment Minister | Journal Interview

Can Germany Achieve its Energy Goals We talk to Germany's Environment Minister Peter Altmaier about Germany's energy changeover, nuclear ...

The Energy Renewer - Environment Minister Peter Altmaier | People

Germany has decided to phase out nuclear energy by 2022 and make up the shortfall with renewable energy sources. But the country is not ...

Who's footing Germany's energy revolution? | Made in Germany

Studio guest on this edition Thomas Straubhaar from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics.

Transformer Stations for Renewable Energy | Made in Germany

The German government has announced an ambitious plan to bring 10,000 wind turbines along the North and Baltic Sea coasts online by 2030, ...