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MST3K Dubs Gears of War 3: A RiffTrax Special

Making snide jokes while watching terrible movies is a tradition here at IGN, but we're just amateurs compared to Mike Nelson, who starred ... tags: 2011ComedyDubsepicfunnygameplaygames

Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes Explained

Join us, only together can we create Season 4 of Chad Vader. LINK or they take checks Thank you Chad Vader reviews ... tags: blamesocietyfilms blu bluray chad changes clone collection

When They Improv Parody Higurashi Episode 1 "Delicious Cicada Te

\n \n A fan-based dub improv parody done by the crew of SavingPointDubs for the first episode of Higurashi no Naku Kore ... tags: AbridgedAnimeBloopersComedyDubEpisodesFan_Dub

Fallout #1

The National Defense Network wants you to stay calm and keep moving forward. tags: comedy everyonesvoice nuclear war radiation redubcomedyeveryonesvoice

Wimbledon 2011 - Men's Singles Final Highlights HD

A brief summing up of the events which took place in the titanic finale between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.Some minor editing done ... tags: 2011 and andy archie cats coffee comedy

Mock redub: herbshire television junction 1994 vidds!

What this mock would really have sounded like if rjawful0 had been more honest with.. tags: comedyherbredub

The Flush - Episode 03

Subscribe to my youtube channel me on Twitter musical track is 'Verquer' by Fuzzy Tunes. Used under a ... tags: abst adam west bikini break camisecret crazy 4 cult dork tower

It's My Money And I Need It Nar!!

It's My Money And I Need ... 014 A South Park inspired redub of that incredibly obnoxious J.G. Wentworth commercial. Kinda ... tags: Clean_Comedyit's_my_moneyredubRemixsouth_park