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US Drone Strategy

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal has shed light on an a debate that took place within the administration about the use of drones ... tags: Afghanistan Pakistan Raza Naqvi urduvoa VOA Voice of America Wall Street Journal

US Taliban Talks

Tomorrow's Istanbul Conference will bring together important stake holders in Afghanistan, and the question of reconciliation with the ... tags: America Istanbul confrence Taliban VOA Voice of AmericaAmericaIstanbul confrence

Hillary Clinton interview

Raza Naqvi, Urdu VoA News, Washington. Speaking to VOA's Persian service, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Iran's government ... tags: Raza NaqviHillary Clinton interviewRaza Naqvi

US Pak Diplomacy

Raza Naqvi, Urdu VoA News, Washington. Secretary Clinton's recent trip to Pakistan may have improved the atmospherics of the US-Pak ... tags: Moeed YusufPakistanRaza Naqvisecretary ClintonUS Pak Diplomacy

US Iran Relations

Last week's revelation of the terror bombing plot targeting the Saudi Ambassador in Washington has compelled to the US to think about its ... tags: Ahmedinajad diplomatic penalties Obama Raza Naqvi Saudi Ambassador terror bombing urduvoa

Grossman's Pakistan Visit

In his recent visit to Pakistan, Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Mark Grossman said that the US wants to maintain good ... tags: Afghanistan Grossman iplomatic tensions Pakistan Visit Urdu urduvoa US Pak Relations

US AId to Pakistan

Raza Naqvi The Kerry Lugar Berman Bill of 2009 was designed to facilitate development projects, and win hearts and minds in Pakistan. ... tags: development projects Kerry Lugar Berman Bill urduvoa USAID VOA Voice of Americadevelopment projects

Mullen Statement Controversy

US officials have been saying that Adm. Mullen accusations against Pakistan can be backed by credible evidence, but many have questioned ... tags: accusations credible evidence Haqqani ISI Pakistan Raza Naqvi relations

Pakistan US Tensions

Raza Naqvi, Urdu VOA News, Washington. Tensions between Pakistan and the US have reached boiling point since Adm. Mike Mullen's startling ... tags: Adm. Mike Mullen Christine Fair ISI Mark Toner Raza Naqvi Sadaanand Dhume Yousaf Raza Gilani

Haqqani Network and Pak-US Relations

The US has been putting unprecedented diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to sever ties with militant groups operating in Pakistan ever since ... tags: diplomatic pressure Firdous Ashiq Awan Haqqani Network Mike Mullen NATO Pak US Relations Urdu.urduvoa

Is America in Decline

Raza Naqvi, Urdu VOA News, Washington. America has been one of the great superpowers of the world, and since the fall of the Soviet Union, ... tags: Arlen Specter Brookings Institution Kenneth Leiberman Raza NaqviArlen SpecterBrookings Institutionis america in decline

Is America in Decline ?

America has been one of the great superpowers of the world, and since the fall of the Soviet Union, the sole super power. But its power in ... tags: Decline economic crises Kenneth Leiberman political polarization Raza Naqvi Superpower urduvoa