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RapperJJJ WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Review (PS3)

How can a game that features all the classic wrestlers from WWE bad This review was uploaded to YouTube on October 15, 2011. tags: PlayStation_3RapperJJJReviewtriple_JWWE_Legends_of_WrestleMania

RapperJJJ Super Smash Bros Review (N64)

Triple J reviewed the Wii version but how good or bad was the original game on Nintendo 64 tags: Nintendo_64RapperJJJReviewSuper_Smash_Bros.triple_J

RapperJJJ Tekken 3 Review (PSX)

The time I did 4 Video Game Reviews in 4 days, for Day 3 I reviewed Tekken 3 for the Playstation. I compare some things to the sequel ... tags: PlayStationRapperJJJReviewTekken_3triple_J

RapperJJJ Resident Evil Code Veronica X Review (PS2)

First it was Resident Evil Code Veronica for the Dreamcast. How much better is Resident Evil Code Veronica X for the PlayStation 2 This ... tags: PlayStation_2RapperJJJResident_Evil:_Code_Veronica_XReviewtriple_J

RapperJJJ Let's Play #12: WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game: IC Title Path (SNES)

Triple J completed the IC Title Path with Shawn Michaels in this Let's Play of WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game. This Let's Play was ... tags: IC_Title_PathLets_PlayRapperJJJShawn_MichaelsSuper_Nintendo_Entertainment_Systemtriple_JWWF_WrestleMania:_The_Arcade_Game

RapperJJJ Chrono Cross Review (PSX)

Triple J looks at the sequel to Chrono Trigger. This video was uploaded to YouTube on February 27, 2012 tags: Chrono_CrossPlayStationRapperJJJReviewtriple_J

RapperJJJ Gaming Additions December 2013

Triple J shows what games he added to his gaming collection over the month of December in 2013. tags: Battlefield_3December_2013Dragons_DogmaGaming_AdditionsNew_Super_Mario_Bros._URapperJJJtriple_J

RapperJJJ Dancing With The Stars Review (PS2)

The first time I reviewed four video games in four days, I reviewed Dancing With The Stars on Day 2 which was during Christmas Day. This ... tags: Dancing_with_the_StarsPlayStation_2RapperJJJReviewtriple_J

RapperJJJ MTV Music Generator 3: This Is The Remix Review (PS2)

I review MTV Music Generator 3 for the Playstation 2. All music during gameplay came from the game itself and stay tuned because after the ... tags: MTV_Music_Generator_3:_This_is_the_RemixPlayStation_2RapperJJJReviewtriple_J

RapperJJJ Let's Play #41: Soul Blade (PSX)

Triple J completes Sophitia's path in Edge Master Mode. tags: Lets_PlayPlayStationRapperJJJSoul_BladeTriple_J