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Rants Videos - 3 by Popular

Is the Internet Getting Nicer? - TechnoBuffalo

Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week's episode, Jon ...

Rettinger's Rants: Samsung Galaxy Gear - TechnoBuffalo

This week, Jon rants about the Galaxy Gear

Nintendo - What Are You Doing?! - TechnoBuffalo

Jon rants about Nintendo and the state of it's game and gaming mindshare.

Rettinger's Rants: YouTube Complaints - TechnoBuffalo

Jon rants about the criticism YouTube has received for its sometimes unreliable services and recent design changes.

Tech YouTube Tips - What NOT To Do - TechnoBuffalo

On this week's episode, Jon doesn't rant, but instead gives us more tips on how to be successful on YouTube.

Angry Nerd - Zynga's Shameful Digital to Board Game Switch

Like we werent going to notice, Zynga Turning Words With Friends into a board game does not make it not-Scrabble. Same goes for Hungry ...

Police Chief Mark Kessler Cussin' & Shootin' Videos

From police chief Mark Kessler's gun video rants of him firing off rounds of bullets and profanity to people celebrating Starbucks ... tags: chiefforcegunkesslermarkrantsvideo

Sharon Osbourne Has X Factor Rants Cut Due to Swearing

X Factor bosses have reportedly been forced to censor Sharon Osbourne during the auditions because her language is not family appropriate. tags: curseFactorliveNewsOsbournerantsSharon

"F**K MTV": Kanye West Rants Again About Taylor Swift

Kanye West goes on another rant caught on tape. This time he targets Taylor Swift, saying he had to interrupt her acceptance speech during ... tags: AboutAgainDigitalMTV:On-DemandOraRants

Angry Nerd

A lot of nerds work at Wired, but one of them is very, very angry. Passionate nerd Chris Baker rages from behind his desk against the ... tags: angrymagazinemoviesnerdnerdsrantingrants

Angry Nerd - Can Star Trek Into Darkness Be Any Good?

Angry Nerd explains the Star Trek Curse, where every other film is either great or terrible. Can Star Trek Into Darkness break the curse tags: AngryAppcriticismintoNerdrantsSeries: