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Malgudi Days - The Seventh House

Jagan, an orthodox Hindu Brahmin and owner of a sweet meat shop, has come up the hard way in life following Gandhian principle and taking ... tags: Malgudi_daysmalgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_moviesmalgudi_talesR.K.Narayan_moviesR._K._LaxmanR._K._Narayan

Malgudi Days - Dodu - The Naughty Kid

Dodu is a sweet touching story about a little boy who wants to make some money to buy little things he fancies. Being smart and ... tags: A_Tiger_for_MalgudiMalgudi_daysmalgudi_days_episodesmalgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_full_storiesR.K.Narayan_moviesR.K.Narayan_stories

Malgudi Days-The Missing Mail - 1

Thanappa is more than just a postman to the Ramanujam family. He shares their good news and also wallows in their sorrow as well. Thanappa ... tags: Malgudi_daysmalgudi_episode_28malgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_moviesmalgudi_short_storiesmalgudi_talesR.K.Narayan_movies

Malgudi Days - Four Rupees

Four Rupees' is a delightful story of Ranga a poor man who is lazy and good for nothing. The story begins with Ranga being scolded by his ... tags: bollywood_newsMalgudi_daysmalgudi_four_rupeesmalgudi_full_episodesMalgudi_Subhamalgudi_talesR.K.Narayan_movies

Malgudi Days - Leela's Friend

8 year old Leela abounds with joy when her parents hire a new servant to help about the house. Sidda the servant, is a simple soul - but he ... tags: bollywood_nowMalgudi_daysmalgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_moviesmalgudi_short_storiesR.K.LaxmanR.K.Narayan_movies

Malgudi Days - A Willing Slave

No one knew her name, from when she went, or came - for the family she was just 'Ayah'. A willing slave to cook and care for the three ... tags: AWillingSlave_full_episodebollywood_backstageMalgudi_daysmalgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_short_storiesMalgudi_Subhamalgudi_tales

Malgudi Days - Roman Image

'Jagan, an orthodox Hindu Brahmin and owner of a sweet meat shop, has come up the hard way in life following Gandhian principle and taking ... tags: bollywood_nowMalgudi_daysmalgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_short_storiesR.K.Narayan_moviesR._K._LaxmanR._K._Narayan

Malgudi Days - Iswaran

Every college has an Iswaran - the student who seems to be growing roots in the same class. The target for fellow - students taunts and ... tags: Malgudi_daysmalgudi_episode27malgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_moviesmalgudi_short_storiesR.K.LaxmanR.K.Narayan_movies

Malgudi Days - Sweets For Angels

In the courtyard of a 100 year old building live Malgudi's odd trio-Pachai the blind beggar whose eyesight is as sharp as a razor, Kuppan ... tags: Malgudi_daysmalgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_moviesmalgudi_short_storiesmalgudi_talesR.K.LaxmanR.K.Narayan_movies

Malgudi Days - Cat Within

It is a funny tale of exploitation in the village where a landlord and an exorcist combine to squeeze the blood from their miserably poor ... tags: Black-and-whiteMalgudi_daysmalgudi_episodesold_hindi_serialsold_moviesR.K.Narayan_moviesR.K.Narayan_stories

Malgudi Days - The Antidote

The Antidote' is a humorous tale that takes place entirely in the backdrops of a film shoot and its crew. The protagonist of the story, ... tags: Malgudi_daysmalgudi_episode_25malgudi_full_episodesmalgudi_moviesmalgudi_short_storiesR.K.LaxmanR.K.Narayan

Malgudi Days - Trail Of The Green Blazer

This is the story of a pick - pocketier and his final outcome in life when he tries to take right path which is practically satire. Raju, ... tags: krrish3_trailersMalgudi_daysmalgudi_moviesnew_movie_trailersR.K.LaxmanR.K.NarayanR.K.Narayan_movies