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Queen Latifah Videos - 4 by Popular

Does My Sexiness Offend You?

Beauty Shop 2005 - Does My Sexiness Offend You - Ms. Josephine Alfre Woodard preaches to the beauty shop, and they all join in. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Bikini Wax

Beauty Shop 2005 - Bikini Wax - Gina Queen Latifah is encouraged to offer waxing in her beauty shop by some while others say their man ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

We Are Professionals

Beauty Shop 2005 - We Are Professionals - Gina Queen Latifah encounters hostility from her new employees when she introduces herself. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Mrs. Towner

Beauty Shop 2005 - Mrs. Towner - Mrs. Towner Della Reese comes to the beauty shop expecting the former owner, but is treated by Lynn Alicia ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Mrs.Kline, Always a Pleasure

Bringing Down the House 2003 - Mrs.Kline, Always a Pleasure - Mrs. Kline Betty White has some questions for her neighbor, Peter Sanderson ... tags: Adam_ShankmanAngus_T._JonesAshleyBetty_WhiteCharlene_MortonDaniel_BarnesEd_Tobias

You Got Plans Saturday Night?

Just Wright 2010 - You Got Plans Saturday Night - Basketball star Scott McKnight Common asks Leslie Queen Latifah out on a date after she ... tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose

I'll Be Hearing From Him

Just Wright 2010 - I'll Be Hearing From Him - Morgan Paula Patton is quite confident in her alluring ways and explains to Leslie Queen ... tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose

Another First Date

Just Wright 2010 - Another First Date - Leslie Queen Latifah has to endure the end of another first date, this time with Mark Laz Alonso. tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose

On The Court

Just Wright 2010 - On The Court - Scott Common returns to the basketball court and has some words with Dwyane Wade. tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose

I Can't Stay

Just Wright 2010 - I Can't Stay - On a date with Leslie Queen Latifah, Scott Common is attracted to her roommate Morgan Paula Patton. tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose

A Nets Rumor

Just Wright 2010 - A Nets Rumor - Basketball star Dwight Howard tells Scott Common about a rumor that the Nets won8217t resign him. tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose

Just Wright - Trailer #1

Just Wright 2010 - Trailer 1 - Leslie Wright Queen Latifah is a straight-shooting physical therapist who gets the gig of a lifetime working ... tags: Angelo_BembreyBobby_SimmonsCommonDwight_HowardDwyane_WadeElla_McKnightJalen_Rose