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Iraq Turmoil - Islamists Gaining Ground | Quadriga

The religious tensions in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are the background for a struggle for regional dominance between Shia Iran and Sunni ... tags: albaghdaddeutschedwfallujahiraqislamism

Quadriga: 1914 - 2014: A Century of History | Quadriga

They were turning points in world history it has been 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, 75 years since World War Two ... tags: 1002575berlindeutschedwfall

Quadriga: Christian Minorities – Faith under Threat | Quadriga

Christian minorities exist in many parts of world. Many suffer discrimination, or are even the target of outright violence. Frequently, the ... tags: christiandeutschediscriminationdwfaithminorityquadriga

Germany: New Government, New Direction? | Quadriga

What foreign policy course can the world expect from Germany's new government In the view of many, the election campaign was uninspiring ... tags: angelacoalitioncrisisdemocratsdeutschedweurope

Mourning Mandela - End of the Rainbow? | Quadriga

The world has been saying farewell to Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president. Mandela's story encapsulates the struggle for ... tags: africaapartheiddeutschedwhumanmandelaquadriga

Talk: Ukraine: East-West Tug of War | Quadriga

Ukraines government may have survived a no-confidence vote in parliament but thousands of protestors are continuing to demonstrate for ... tags: deutsche_welledweueuropekievprotestquadriga

Coalition Deal - Will SPD Grassroots Revolt? | Quadriga

It's been a long wait but after nine weeks of inter-party negotiations Germany is on the cusp of getting a grand coalition government. ... tags: cducoalitiondeutsche_welledweuropegermanymerkel

Germany: Terrorists on Trial | European Journal

Beate Zschpe, alleged to be the only surviving member of the far-right National Socialist Unterground terror cell, is to be the main ... tags: Beate_Zschäpedeutsche_wellensuquadrigaterroristterror_cell

Turkey: Beards Booming on the Bosporus | European Journal

Hair transplants are more popular than ever in Turkey. Istanbul alone has over 250 special clinics now also offering beards. The latest hit ... tags: deutsche_welleHair_transplantsIstanbulquadrigaTurkey

France: Paternal Protest | European Journal

In France, increasing numbers of divorced fathers are demanding custody of their children. Some even scaled a crane to demand the ... tags: childrendeutsche_welledivorced_fathersdwFranceparenting_rightsquadriga

Talk: Al-Qaeda - Spent Force or Global Threat? | Quadriga

The United States has closed more than twenty diplomatic posts across the Middle East and Africa amid threats of an al Qaeda attack. The ... tags: 911al_qaedaattackdeutsche_welledwegyptembassies

Quadriga: Bloodshed in Egypt - No Way Out? | Quadriga

Is Egypt on the verge of civil war What can the international community do to defuse the situation Will other countries soon get more ... tags: deutsche_welledwegyptmorsimuslim_brotherhoodprotestquadriga