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Crude oil slips 1% to settle below $92

01/13/14 WTI prices settled below 92 a barrel on Monday. The Iranian nuclear deal will ease some sanctions on OPECs fifth-biggest oil ... tags: dollarEIAenergymarketOPECpricesrally

Crude oil turns higher on weaker USD and overseas data

01/10/14 NYMEX crude oil traded higher on Friday, but posted a weekly decline. tags: 2014APIenergyhighnatural_gaspricesrally

Crude oil extends pullback after Fed minutes

01/08/14 EIA inventory data and the FOMC pulled NYMEX crude oil prices lower. tags: 2014EIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterpricesrally

Crude oil slides 3% on stronger USD and stockpiles

01/02/14 Crude oil futures fell to a one-month intraday low on Thursday. A combination of a stronger dollar, slower global growth and ... tags: EIAenergyFederal_Reservemanufacturingnyfpenergypricesrally

Oil soars above $100 a Barrel

12/27/13 NYMEX crude futures broke above 100/bbl for the first time since October. EIA data showed a larger-than-expected decline in ... tags: dollarEIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPECprices

Have Electric Cars Already Reached The Tipping Point? ABB Says Yes

With wider choice and better cars, electric car ownership seems to get more appealing by the month. But predicting the future of the ... tags: ABB_GroupCharging_stationMPGSafetyNewPhotosPicturesPrices

NYMEX crude tops $99/bbl

12/24/13 WTI crude oil futures regained 99/bbl on strong US data and ongoing concerns over South Sudan. tags: APIdollarEIAenergymarketOPECprices

Crude creeps lower after recent rally

12/13/13 February crude oil prices edged lower after its recent surge. US economic data continued to support expectations for higher demand. tags: APIEIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterpricesrally

Crude oil posts strong weekly gain

12/20/13 Crude oil futures settled higer for the session and the week. Q3 GDP was upwardly revised, and lifted expectations for strong ... tags: EIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPECpricesrally

Crude oil pares gains on EIA report

12/18/13 Crude oil futures came off session highs after the EIA reported that inventories fell more than expected last week. tags: EIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterpricesrallyRemy_B

Eurozone inflation picks up, US consumer prices flat

Eurozone inflation picked up in November because of a rise in the cost of electricity and accommodation.Consumer prices in the 17 countries ... tags: consumerEuropean_UnionEurozoneEurozone_in_crisisflatinflationpicks