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Company Lights Up The World – Literally!

When the sun goes down on developing worlds, many of their people depend on kerosene lamps to see. Now a multi-national corporation is ... tags: burningelectricitykerosenelampslivingpetrochemicalpollution

Angelina Jolie Recovering from Double Mastectomy

Hoping to raise breast cancer awareness, Angelina Jolie rattled headlines Tuesday morning when she revealed shes recovering from a double ...

How to Cope with Vaginitis

Sooner or later, most women have some kind of vaginal infection, known as vaginitis. Dr. Jennifer Wu, an OB/GYN with Lenox Hill Hospital in ... tags: antibioticbacteriumdiseasedouchinggynecologypreventingsexually

President Obama Speaks on Preventing Drug Shortages

Today, the President signed an Executive Order to prevent drug shortages and protect consumers.Powered by Producer Whitehouse tags: BarackcaredrugdrugshealthObamapharmaceutical

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

Oily hair is frustrating to men and women alike. The challenge, however, is how to manage oily hair for a healthier and more vibrant look. ... tags: bouncyclarifyinghairoilypreventingsalonshampoo

Managing the masses, preventing crushes

Major events, such as concerts or sports matches, can involve risks. When too many people are in a space which is too small or badly ... tags: AccidentComputerDusseldorfeuronewsManagingmassespreventing

Helmet laws grind opinions of local skateboarders

One lawmaker calls it a way to save lives, but plenty of kids see it otherwise. We're talking about a new proposal from the Honolulu ... tags: extremeheadhelmetHonoluluinjurieslawslife-saving

5 Ways to Curb Food Waste

Here are 5 ways to curb food waste.Its a problem many of us deal with throwing out too much food.Here are 5 ways to curb food waste ... tags: culturefoodknowledgeoutpreventingthrowingwaste

Man dressed as Batman hands over wanted man to police

A man dressed as the comic book superhero Batman has handed over a wanted man at a British police station. tags: BradfordCrimeCriminalDressedFunnyInover