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Pressure Videos - 2 by Popular

Survivors try to flee Philippines as government faces pressure over aid

As pressure mounts on the Philippines government to speed up aid distribution, Taclobans typhoon-wrecked airport is witnessing a new daily ... tags: Food_aidgovernmentHumanitarian_aidNatural_catastropheoverpressureRescue

Obama rejigs his healthcare reforms as Republicans keep up the pressure to kill the programme

President Obama and the Democrats have finally agreed to make modifications to their flagship health reforms, but only because the huge ... tags: Barack_Obamahealthcarehiskeepkillpressurereforms

CODA's Self Inflating Tire Technology

The innovative patented CODA Development technology is protected in the USA and Czech and Slovak Republics by 8 granted patents since 2009. ...

No political pressure in regulation of private bus services - Transport minister Botsa

No political pressure in regulation of private bus services - Transport minister Botsa

Dakota Johnson Having A Hard Time Dealing With ‘Fifty Shades of Grey' Pressure

The film adaptation of '50 Shade of Grey' is off to a rough start. First, male lead Charlie Hunnam dropped out and now its other star ...

Suspect threw pressure cooker bomb at police during shootout

CBS News Special Report During the late night shootout that ended in his death, Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev threw a ...

Police hunting for pieces of pressure cooker bomb

Police are combing the 12-block crime scene around Boylston Street, searching for more pieces of the two pressure cooker bombs. As Elaine ...

Mack Brown under pressure

FOX Sports Live panel discuss Mack Brown's future at Texas.

Bale under pressure to perform - Salgado

Former Real Madrid defender Michel Salgado believes the pressure is on Gareth Bale to perform following his world record move to the ...

Shark tank shatters in Shanghai shopping mall - video

A giant shark tank at a shopping mall in Shanghai, China, suddenly shattered, showering shoppers with glass and live sharks.

"60 Minutes" reports on false confessions

It's hard to imagine why anyone would confess to a crime they didn't commit, but Byron Pitts reports for '60 ' on one man who was ...