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Presidential Election Videos - 4 by Popular

GOP Audience Boos Birth Control

Republican presidential candidates use the subject of women's health to attack President Obama. editor-at-large Joan Walsh and ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Pushing for Online Privacy

The Obama Administration wants stronger privacy protections to give consumers control over the use of their personal data gleaned from ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Millennials in Limbo

Connor Toohill, editor-in-chief of NextGen Journal, talks about the challenges facing the millennial generation and how Americas youth is ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Debate Recap: Do Debates Matter?

After Wednesday nights GOP debate, is there a clear indication of who will be the Republican nominee The Dylan Ratigan Show Mega Panel ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Are Conspiracy Theories a Part of Every Presidency?

Must-Read Op-Eds Mika Brzezinski reads from an E.J. Dionne Washington Post column on the criticisms of President Obama's character. tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

The Week That Is: the Moments You Missed

From the President checking luggage, to the comeback of rabbit ears, to celebrating the life of Whitney Houston. Brian Williams catches up ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Obama On Politics, Reality of Energy 'challenge'

President Obama tells a University of Miami audience that there's no quick or easy fix to meet the energy needs of the US, and that we need ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

RNC Releases Hard-hitting Ad Against Obama

The New Yorkers Ryan Lizza talk about the Republican Partys attempts to stop the infighting on the campaign trail and return the focus to ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Thu, Feb 23, 2012

The Morning After brings you Modern Family, Happy Endings, and the Arizonian GOP Debate. Plus, is Sacha Baron Cohen really banned from the ... tags: 2012_academy_awardsabcAmerican_Idolare_you_thereArizonian_GOP_Debatebrian_kimmetchad_michael_murray

American Idol/GOP Debate Mash-Up

Couldn't catch both American Idol and the Arizonian GOP Debate The Morning After merges the two for your pop-and-politics fill tags: american_idolarizonian_GOP_debatebrian_kimmetcnncomedycompetitionsdebate

GOP Candidates Unite Against President Obama

All four of the Republican candidates railed against President Obamas foreign policy at the debate in Mesa, Arizona. Ed Schultz asks MSNBC ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Team Obama On ‘Most Egregious Falsehood' of Debate

Obama's deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter has a bone to pick with the candidates over their comments on the presidents foreign ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration