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Presidential Election Videos - 3 by Popular

Is Respect for President Obama at a New Low?

Gov. Deval Patrick discusses whether Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer disrespected President Obama again and how the president will win a term. tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

War of Words Escalates Among GOP Candidates

Doug Wead of the Ron Paul Campaign joins MSNBC to discuss whether an alliance is brewing between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, as recently ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Anita Hill's America in 'Reimagining Equality'

Anita Hill, a lawyer, professor, author and social justice leader, joins Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss discrimination and equality - ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Story of the Week: Lessons Unlearned from the Bush Years

In their efforts to run away from the legacy of George Bush, conservatives have failed to come to terms with Iraq-- the signature failure ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Santorum Attacks; Romney Defends

With 48 hours before the Michigan primary vote, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum sharpen their barbs. NBCs Ron Mott reports. tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Romney Candidacy in Doubt

Republican strategists are discussing drafting a new candidate if Mitt Romney loses the Michigan primary. NBCs Chuck Todd explains. tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Rattner: Why Romney Has It Wrong On the Auto Bailout

Must-Read Op-Eds Mika Brzezinski reads from a Steven Rattner NYT column on why the auto bailout was the right thing to do for the country ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Is Obama's Environmental Base Holding Him Back?

Top Talkers President Obama is pushing an alternative energy agenda on the trail, and he's criticizing the GOP field for suggesting they ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Mitt Romney's Michigan Moment

As Romney unveiled his economic plan at Ford Field, the speechs venue received just as much attention for its nearly empty backdrop. NBCs ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Maher Gives Obama a Boost

In his latest comedy special, Bill Maher announces he'll donate 1 million to Obama's superPAC. Ed has the tape. tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Panic Inside the GOP Establishment

MSNBCs Lawrence ODonnell explains why Republican insiders are increasingly concerned about new polls numbers in 12 battleground states. ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Republicans Driving Women Voters Away?

Mitt Romney has a problem with women. They're just not that into him. MSNBCs Lawrence ODonnell discusses with Maggie Haberman, a senior ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration