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Presidential Election Videos - 2 by Popular

Targeting the Union Vote

The MSNBC panel discusses Obama's speech to auto workers Tuesday, the assumptions about union voters, and strategies the campaigns are ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Will a Nominee Fix the Disarray of the GOP?

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter explains that its time for the GOP to bind up the wounds of the party and start to unite behind a nominee. tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Is Pessimism Guiding the GOP Contest?

MSNBCs Rachel Maddow points out that the GOP primary race has been so nasty that its not likely that any of the candidates will choose a ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Obama Goes After Romney Before Michigan Primary

A PoliticsNation panel discusses President Barack Obamas attacks on Mitt Romneys criticism of the auto bailout. tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Obama Defends Unions, Middle Class

Richard Trumka shares his thoughts on President Barack Obamas speech to the United Auto Workers in Washington, in which he made it clear ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Speaker Boehner Misfires On Gas Price Attacks

DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse explains why the House Leaders partisan attacks on gas prices could backfire on him and ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

'Pro-Detroit' Not a Selling Point for Michigan GOP

Michael Moore, talks with Rachel Maddow about the surprisingly anti-Michigan positions that both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have taken ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Former Tea Partier Speaks About Political Chaos

Author and former Tea Party member Mark Meckler explains his reasons for leaving a party he co-founded, and gives his perspective on the ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Obama Gets Stronger As Message Sticks

A PoliticsNation panel explain why the missteps of the GOP is making the November election look promising for President Barack Obama. tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

GOP Criticizes Obama's Apology to Afghan President

Rep. Chellie Pingree and author Wes Moore shares their thoughts on President Barack Obamas apology to Hamid Karzai after NATO troops burned ... tags: 2012administrationAfghanistanBarackBidencabinetcampaign

Republican Party Malaise Setting in

Some GOP insiders predict a doomed result in the 2012 election. MSNBCs Lawrence ODonnell gets answers from National Affairs Editor for New ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration

Are Santorum's Assaults On College, JFK a Win for Romney?

Karen Finney, Clarence Page and Jonathan Alter debate Rick Santorums comments on JFK, religion and college snobs -- and how much they may ... tags: 2012administrationBarackcampaigncandidateDecision_2012inauguration