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President Obama Videos - 4 by Popular

Santorum Attacks Obama's Religion, 'Earth Worship'

Rick Santorum attacked President Obama on religious grounds arguing that 'that Obama practices one of the 'different stripes of ... tags: environmentalistsobama christianobama religionpresident obamarick santorum christianityrick santorum obamasantorum

Is Obama A Christian? Franklin Graham Not Sure

'Rev. Franklin Graham son of Billy Graham would not say if President Obama is a Christian during an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe on ... tags: environmentalistsfranklin graham obamamitt romney mormonmitt romney religionobama a christianobama christianobama not christian

Ahead in Polls, Santorum Says Global Warming Is Politics, Not Science

A nationwide Gallup poll showed presidential hopeful Rick Santorum leading the GOP field with 36 percent of Republican voters. The new ... tags: 2012climate changeelectiongallup pollgopJeffrey Brownmitt romney

As Gas Prices Rise, White House Goes on Offensive, Defensive

With President Obama taking heat from the GOP over rising gas prices, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney worked Tuesday to shift blame ... tags: again capitalalternativesdemocratsenergygas pricesgopjay carney

Can Pro-Obama Super PAC Match GOP Groups' Financial Might?

January financial disclosures exposed the power of unaffiliated super PACs funds this election season. Margaret Warner and John Dunbar of ... tags: campaigncenter fordemocratsfundraisinggopiwatch newsmitt romney

Cumpliendo Con Su Palabra: El Programa De Asociación Con Colegios Comunitarios

Entrate Hace cuatro aos Barack Obama prometi crear una asociacin con los colegios comunitarios. Como Presidente ... tags: 20122012 campaa2012 election2012 obama2012 videobarack obamabarack obama for president

Michael Eric Dyson supports President Obama

Join African Americans For Obama Michael Eric Dyson shares why he supports President Obama 'On election day in 2008 I ... tags: 2012barackbarack obamabarack obama presidentbidencampaignfired

Faces of Change: Bill's Small Business Loan

Read more of the President's Record on the Economy Bill Butcher opened Port City Brewing Company in February of 2011 ... tags: barack obamabarack obama speechbarackobamadotcombarrack Obamabeerbrewingbusiness

El historial del Presidente Obama sobre el tema de los trabajos - Anuncio de Obama for America 2012

Entrate Despus de asumir la presidencia, el Presidente Obama firm la Ley para la Recuperacin para rescatar nuestra ... tags: 20122012 campaa2012 campaign2012 election2012 obama2012 videoad

In The Know Panel Analyzes Obama's Furious, Profanity-Filled Rant At Nation

In a special post-speech analysis, panelists discuss what America did to make President Obama so angry he was actually spitting while he ... tags: Barack ObamacomedyPresident ObamaThe Onion

West Wing Week: 2/17/12 or "Go Big!"

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the President made a major ... tags: CaliforniaChinaMasterlockNational Medal of ArtPayroll Tax CutPresident ObamaReproductive Health