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Common Pregnancy Symptoms

What to Expect When You're Expecting never taught you to expect all of these pregnancy symptoms tags: early_pregnancy_symptomsembryofetus:_HealthHealth_VideoMedicalMedical_Videosmelasma

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 101

It's expensive and invasive--but if you are trying to get pregnant, it often works. Here is the real deal with IVF. tags: abnormal_uterine_growthbabyconceiveconceivingconceptioncost_of_invitro_fertilizationearly_pregnancy

Great Nails & Hair

Noticed something different about your appearance Besides your growing tummy, of course. Your hair and nails are stronger and thicker ... tags: first_trimesterhair_growth_during_pregnancyim_pregnantmedicalmedical_videosnailspregnancy_advice

Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Whether you want a baby, or you aren't ready to be pregnant, waiting for the early signs of pregnancy can be stressful. This video will ... tags: am_I_pregnantbloatingearliest_signs_of_pregnancyearly_pregnancy_symptomsearly_signs_of_pregnancyfirst_signs_of_pregnancyhcg

Artificial Insemination

The procedure may be 'artificial,' but there's nothing that's fake about the baby that often results from artificial insemination tags: abnormal_uterine_growthartificial_inseminationartificial_insemination_costsbabyconceiveconceivingconception

Age and Fertility

It doesn't seem fair, but it's true Having a baby just gets harder as a woman gets older. Here's why. tags: age_and_fertilityage_and_fertility_in_womenage_and_fertility_ratesage_fertilityconceiveconceptionfertility

How Do You Know Your Dog Is Pregnant

A how to lesson on How Do You Know Your Dog Is Pregnant that will improve your dog care skills. Learn how to get good at dog care from ... tags: andcanine_pregnancydogsdog_breedingdog_caredog_pregnancyfemale_dog

How To Recognize Signs Of Dog Pregnancy

This educational resource is a helpful time-saver that will enable you to get good at dog care. Watch our short video on How To Recognize ... tags: andcanine_pregnancydogsdog_breedingdog_caredog_pregnancyfemale_dog

All About the Epidural

The epidural is a popular way to relieve the pain of childbirth while posing little risk to the fetus. Sounds great, right Now how does it ... tags: birth_pain_reliefcontractionsdeliveryepidural_analgesiaepidural_during_laborepidural_for_childbirthepidural_injections

Natural Childbirth Methods

If you plan on skipping the epidural, you should prepare for labor pain by learning one of several natural birthing methods. So how do you ... tags: bradley_birthing_methodbradley_methodbradley_method_childbirthbreathing_exercisescontractionsdeliverydoula

Pain Relief Meds for Childbirth

For some women, an epidural doesn't cut it. They turn to an IV-administered drug. Or, they can use non-pharmacological pain relief methods. ... tags: birth_pain_reliefcontractionsdeliveryepidural_for_childbirthgiving_birthim_pregnantlabor

Vaginal Delivery: Active Labor

Active labor lasts for several hours. Take a look at this video to learn about the types of contractions you'll experience at this phase. tags: active_laboractive_labor_signscontractionsdeliverygiving_birthim_pregnantlabor