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Poop Videos - 6 by Popular

POOPY POSTER: "Kids Will Put Anything In their Mouths"; Pic of Kid Eating Dog Poop disgusts locals ...

A poster in Bristol City, UK is receiving backlash for showing photo of a child with a brown substance smeared over its face and a picture ... tags: AnythingdisgustsKidsMouthsOn-DemandOraPic

Brunete's City Hall's Answer to dog poop

Spanish city of Brunete has come up with a rare and brilliant strategy to solve the problem of dog owners who don't clean up after their ... tags: citycleandogMadridownersperrospoop

Town in Spain Mailed Left-Behind Dog Feces to Owners

A town in Spain initiated a plan to teach canine owners a lesson by mailing their left-behind pets' waste. Not all dog owners are ... tags: deliversdogfecesNewspoopsendWeird

Exploding Poop Foam Threatens Pig Farmers

Here's an agricultural problem no one expected explosive methane foam produced by pig feces. Welcome to the world of factory farming. tags: explodingexplosivefecesfoammanurepigpoop

Get Caught Pooping Three Times and You're Banned on Subway

The San Francisco Bay Area Public Transit system, known as BART, finally has a law that will help ban repeat offenders who use the system ... tags: andbartescalatorsfranciscolawonpoop

But What If... #5

This would probably never happen But What If... tags: ComedyFlatulenceIfJokerlaughinglolpoop

Cara Delevingne Has Crappy Encounter With a Bird

Cara Delevingne Instagramed a picture after a bird pooped on her face. tags: birdburberrydkhnyInstagrammodelpicturepigious

Jason London Gets Beaten, Arrested... and Poops Pants?

Jason London was left dazed and confused after being beaten in a bar fight. After being roughed up by bouncers, the actor then got rough ... tags: actorarrestedbeatConfusedJasonLondonphotos

Students Create Air Freshener Using Cow Dung

Cow dung is used as an air freshener.When we think air fresheners - flowers and fruits usually come to mind. Two Indonesian high school ... tags: cowdungfreshenernewspoopweird

Fired Worker Accused of Leaving Feces in Ex-Boss' Fridge

A Connecticut woman is accused of leaving feces in the oven and refrigerator of her boss after being fired from her job as a home ... tags: bossBuzz60inleavesofovenpoop

10 Smelliest Animals

What's that smell Maybe its one these 10 stinky animals. tags: alltime10sanimalsDiagonaldirector:Diagonallistodorpenguin

How to Diaper a Baby

Childcare Expert Marylou Tietz provides tips on how to check a Baby's Dirty Diapers tags: ChangeInfafntPeePoopRash