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Planets Videos - 4 by Popular

The Space Shuttle

The creation of NASA's first reusable space shuttle was a key point in history. Discover all the secrets of NASA's Space Shuttle with this ... tags: astronautsnasaPlanetsrocketshuttlespace

The Soyuz Years

The Soyuz Spaceships are seen by many as the most successful of all the space ships designed and launched into space. With the design still ... tags: astronautsPlanetsrussiasoyuzspace

What Is The Sun?

Have you ever wondered what the Sun is and where it came from Find out all there is to know in our VideoJug video. tags: moonplanetssolarstarssunsystemuniverse

Why Do The Stars Twinkle?

VideoJug is here to answer the age old question of 'why do the stars twinkle'. Find out the answer with us by watching our fact filled ... tags: planetsstars

All About Saturn

Saturn, renowned for it's moons and rings, is the largest planet in our solar system. VideoJug presents this short video describing planet ... tags: astronomyplanetssaturnsolarsystemtheuniverse

What Is The Moon?

Have you ever sat outside at night and looked at the Moon And asked yourself, what is it' or where did it come from Discover all you've ... tags: earthgalaxymoonplanetstheuniverse

How Big Is The Galaxy?

Here is a short video all about galaxies. Our Galaxy is named the Milky Way and it is such a big galaxy that we cannot measure it in miles ... tags: astronomygalaxymilkyplanetsstarsuniverseway

All About Venus

The brightest planet we can see from earth is called Venus. It is closest to earth and named after the Roman goddess of Love. This video is ... tags: outerplanetssolarspacesystemtheuniverse

All About Pluto

Pluto, the smallest planet in our solar system is explained in detail within this Video. Indeed lots of great information about the planet ... tags: planetspluto

All About Mars

Named after the Roman God of war, and sitting between Earth and Jupiter, Mars is an interesting planet. VideoJug provides you with lots on ... tags: marsplanetssolarspacestarssytemuniverse

All About Earth

Here is short video all about planet earth. Full of information on our very own planet Earth, this film covering physics, chemistry and ... tags: earthouterplanetssolarspacesystemthe

All About Uranus

The first planet to have been discovered in recent times, the planet Uranus, named after the Greek god of the sky, is the third largest ... tags: planetssolarsystemuniverseuranus