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Bond on the road

On vous emmne faire un tour en Bond. A mi-chemin entre une voiture de mange, moto et personnage de bande dessine, ce drle de vhicule trois ...

CHOW Tip: How to Peel Root Vegetables

Turnips, rutabagas, potatoes Root vegetables taste better when you havent harmed yourself in the preparing.

CHOW Tip: How to Use a Pizza Peel

World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani shows how to properly use a pizza peel, the wide, flat shovel that transports the pizza from countertop ...

How to Flame an Orange Peel for Cocktails

Pete Capella shows how to flame an orange peel. The orange peel's oil that burns enhances a variety of cocktails. tags: anflameguidehowmixologyorangepeel

TGM Veggie Power

We havent developed a Flux Capacitor like in Back To The Future, but a pilot plant in Stuttgart is taking a step in that direction by ... tags: bananacarfutureGermanygreenmarketpeel

Car Peels Asphalt off the Road

You know it's hot outside when you witness a sight like this on the road. That's just crazy Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: asphalthcarextremefailpeelroad

Audi Players Night 2012 @ Audi Terminal München Albrechtstraße mit Ceci Peel Modenschau

Audi Players Night 2012 Audi Terminal Mnchen Albrechtstrae mit Premiere des Audi Q5 und Ceci Peel Modenschau am 07.09.2012. Mehr Infos und ... tags: 2012albrechtstraßeaudicecimünchennightpeel

Go Kart Pile Up

Must've been a LOT of invisible banana peels on the track that day. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: cartcrashhitkartmanymariopeel

How to Peel Hard-boiled Eggs without Peeling

Tim Ferriss - How to Peel Hard-boiled Eggs without Peeling tags: boiledeggsferrisshardhowpeelpeeling

Banana PSA

Sometimes something so simple and delicious like a banana can become a dangerous weapon when placed in the wrong hands. tags: bananacomedyfall-failfunnygirlpeelpsa

How To Make Cranberry Chutney

Videojug has brought us a recipe that will make you feel like it's Christmas again, any time of the year. Made with different spices and a ... tags: aniseChristmaschutneycoriandercranberryorangepeel