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How to Make Easy Shrimp Pasta

There's really only one requirement for a weeknight dinner that it can be prepared quickly. But who says you can't also have fancy and ...

Full Metal Turkey Burger - Episode 9

This is episode 9 of Cookin' with Big Al. Had this idea about a burger and went with it - lol. Some ideas you just have to go through to ... tags: chipotlegarlicparsleypepperPoblanorosemaryseeds

How To Chop And Mince Herbs

Chef Jim Davis demonstrates how to chop common herbs. tags: ChopCilantroCutDiceDillHerbsMince

How To Make Israeli Couscous

Here's an interesting recipe called Israeli Couscous. It certainly looks worth trying. There are several ingredients for this recipe and ... tags: apricotsboilbutternutcouscousjuicelemonparsley

How To Dry Parsley

Parsley's a popular herb and garnish but here's how you can dry it for future use. tags: dryherbsparsley

How To Make Parsley Butter

Making delicious meals that family and friends can enjoy, or even the guest at a hosted event is something that every host wants to ... tags: butterDIYparsleyVideoJug

How To Make Herb Butter

Follow these simple steps in making herb butter to add a delicious variant to your cooking. tags: butterchervilherbherbsparsleythyme

How To Make Parsley, Lemon And Dill Butter

This videojug film describes how to make parsley, lemon and butter. Follow the simple instructions given by Rob Cotton and you will be able ... tags: butterdilllemonparsley

How To Make Lyonnaise Potatoes

Lyonnaise Potatoes recipe. This simple recipe for potatoes with onions and parsley is a quick and easy way of creating an original potato ... tags: onionparsleypotatovegetarian

How To Make Patatas A Lo Pobre

Patatas A Lo Pobre recipe. This traditional Spanish recipe, meaning 'poor man's potatoes' makes a wonderful alternative to the usual ... tags: foodparsleypepperpotatoredSpanish

How To Make Veal Saltimbocca

Veal Saltimbocca recipe. This Roman recipe uses veal cutlets seasoned and cooked with herbs. It is rich, flavourful and surprisingly easy ... tags: parsleyproscuittovealwhitewine