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Papua New Guinea: Proactive Climate Protection | Global 3000

The Huon Peninsula has no cars, no telephone, and no TV - but it does have 76,000 hectares of intact forest and a population of 10,000. The ... tags: 3000areaClimateconservationCultureDeutscheDW-TV

The Coral Triangle under threat | Global 3000

Nearly one-third of the world's coral reefs have been destroyed. Pollution in the ocean, dynamite fishing, and global climate change ... tags: 3000coralCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGlobal

WITCH SAVED: Villagers in New Guinea Torture Self Proclaimed Sorcerer for Eating Children's ...

A mob in Papua, New Guinea tortured a sorcerer and was ready to burn her tied to a stake until police came to the rescue. The self ...

Plane crash in South Pacific

A twin engine plane crashed in Papua New Guinea, 12 miles from its destination. Jeff Glor reports.

Australia's PNG Asylum Seeker Solution Takes Effect

The first asylum-seekers to be sent to Papua New Guinea under Australia's hardline new boatpeople policy arrive.Powered by ... tags: AbbottAustraliaCanberraGuineaIndianIndonesiaNew

Men Warned About Testicle Eating Fish in Lakes

A piranha-like fish is eating mens testicles. Its a Pacu, native to South America with huge teeth that can grow up to 55 pounds. The fish ... tags: fishguineamennewpacupapuapirahna

First asylum-seekers to be sent to Papua New Guinea by Australia arrive - video

The first group of Indonesian asylum-seekers affected by Australia and Papua New Guinea's processing deal arrive at Christmas Island, ... tags: andasylumaustraliaaustralianguineaimmigrationnew

World's First Deep Sea Mining Project Gets Approval

Led by Canadian company Nautilis Minerals, the project will take place off the coast of the Papua New Guinea island of New Britain.Powered ... tags: GuineaMineralsNautilisNewPapua

RAW VIDEO: Australians View Total Solar Eclipse

From boats bobbing on the Great Barrier Reef, to the hilltops and beaches in between, tens of thousands of scientists, tourists and amateur ... tags: AustraliaBarrierGreatIndonesiaNorthernPacificPapua