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11h02 : le référendum grec, un coup de poker dangereux ?

En annonccedilant la tenue prochaine drsquoun reacutefeacuterendum sur le plan drsquoaide agrave la Gregravece, le Premier ministre Georges ...

Anger and anxiety Weigh on Greeks in Historic Polls

Greeks spoke of their fears for the future on Sunday as they cast their ballots in a historic election that could decide whether their ... tags: AthenscrisisdebteuropeanGeorgeGreecePapandreou

Greek PM in Berlin for debt talks

Greece has witnessed its most serious unrest over its economic crisis, as the country's parliament passed an austerity package to help ... tags: aljazeeraangelaberlincrisisdebtgeorgejazeera

Greek politicians seal coalition deal

George Papandreou. Greece's prime minister, and opposition leader Antonis Samaras have agreed to form an interim government - meant to ... tags: alaljazeeraeuropenewsgeorgegreecegreekhull

Greek dynasties keep hold on politics - 29 Nov 09

Greece's main opposition New Democracy party will vote to choose a new leader in an election that could see the rise of a prominent ... tags: alaljazeeraathensbarnabygeorgegreecegreek

Talk to Al Jazeera - George Papandreou

George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister, in conversation with Al Jazeera's Barnaby Phillips. tags: alaljazeeraBarnabyGeorgeJazeeraPapandreouTalk

Turkey, Greece to Solve Dispute

While on a visit to Turkey Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said both he and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan are trying ... tags: borderErdoganGeorgeGreecePapandreouRecepTayyip

Reestructuración deuda griega: más daños que beneficios

El costo sobrepasa con creces cualquier beneficio potencial dijo el Primer Ministro griego, Giorgio Papandreou, refirindose a la ... tags: deudaeconomicestructurgreciapapandreoupublicareestructuracion

Grèce : Papandreou à la recherche du consensus politique

Le premier ministre grec George Papandreou a runi vendredi les reprsentants des partis politiques pour tenter de dgager un consensus sur ... tags: consensusCriseeconomyeuronewsGrècePapandreoupolitique