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Ireland: EU fiscal pact set to be given thumbs up

Counting is underway in Ireland, where a referendum has put the European Union's new fiscal treaty to the public vote.According to ... tags: euronewsfiscalgivenIrelandIreland:pactReferendum

Taiwan's Ma pushes China trade pact

Taiwan is set to sign a free trade deal with China, in a move that will bring the two sides the closer than they have been in decades.Ma ... tags: aljazeeraasia-pacificnewsChinapactpresidenttaiwantrade

Karzai calls for US pact under Afghan sovereignty

A security pact with the US but with full Afghan sovereignty that was Hamid Karzai's call at a large meeting of tribal elders in the ... tags: AfghanAfghanistancallseuronewsforKarzaipact

"NATO's biggest achievement"

NATO was the major alliance left standing, while the Warsaw pact disintegrated and some of Americas other alliances also collapsed, said ... tags: allianceCATOInstituteKoberNATOpactStanley

Europe and immigration: reactions online

On the WEB One of France's top priorities, as it takes on the presidency of the EU, should be the pact on immigration - Tribute to Louns ... tags: europefranceimmigrationnewsonlinepactpresidency

Historic pact in Zimbabwe

Web News Bloggers react to the historic pact between the President of Zimbabwe and his opponent. Also in today's programme Democrats ... tags: democratsfranceinternetmugabepactpalintsvangirai

4th phase of talks on Afghan-US security pact set to begin

The Afghan ministry of foreign affairs says, the fourth phase of talks about the Afghan-US Security Agreement will begin within a few days ... tags: Afghan-USAfghanistanAsia-PacificBeginpactsecurityTalks

The Humping Pact Trailer

05/30/13 Get the photoprints on The Humping Pact is a mission based project by Diego Agull and Dmitry ... tags: agullóBerlindiegodmitryhumphumpingpact

Afghans say US presence blamed for insecurity

In May 2012, Obama and Karzai signed a security pact that authorized the presence of US troops for a period of 10 years after 2014, which ... tags: AfghanistanEastMiddlePactstrategic

Geo FIR-27 May 2013-Part 2-Criminal's arrest & interrogation pact b/w Sind Rangers & Police.

Geo FIR-27 May 2013-Part 2-Criminal's arrest interrogation pact b/w Sind Rangers Police. tags: 201327thbwFIRGeoMaypact

Trial over 'state-Mafia pact' opens in Sicily

Former Italian politicians, policemen and gangsters have gone on trial in Sicily accused of making secret deals following a series of bomb ... tags: commenteuronewsItalyJusticenocommentnocommenttvover

How it works: The Stability and Growth Pact

EuroparlTV goes to the Belgian Royal Mint to explain exactly how the agreement designed to limit budget deficits in the members of the ... tags: andCoordinationcriteriaFiscalGrowthMaastrichtPact