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Medical breakthrough allows infertile woman to give birth

A woman in Japan with a rare condition that caused her ovaries to shut down gave birth to a baby boy last December thanks to a new ...

Keeping Your Ovaries Until After Menopause

Estrogen, the female hormone produced by a woman's ovaries, has a number of health benefits, including protection from cognitive impairment ... tags: cancercognitiveestrogenhysterectomyimpairmentovarianovaries

Angelina Jolie Will Have More Surgeries: What's Next

Jolie revealed she had a double mastectomy, and now she may get her ovaries removed, too. Find out what's next for the actress and her ... tags: angelinabreastcancerjoliejonovariesprevention

Angelina Jolie's Mastectomy Raises Questions About Screening

After Jolie's announcement, many outlets are discussing prevention issues, like how and whether to get tested for the harmful gene. tags: angelinabreastcancerjoliejonovariesprevention

How to Recognize Possible Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Do you know the symptoms and warning signs of ovarian cancer Dr. Jennifer Wu, an OB/GYN at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York explains the ... tags: cancerhowovarianovariesrightssymptomsto

The Morning After Pill

You forgot to take your bith control pill today, and you had sex tonight. Before you panic, make sure you know about Plan B. tags: abortionafterbirthbreakcondomcontraceptioncontrol

Facts on the Fertility Shot

Need a boost in fertility Imagine getting a few shots and then producing a beautiful baby. It's not that simple, but it's very helpful for ... tags: conceiving_a_babyconceptionfertility_drugsfertility_help:_Healthfertility_shotfertinexgetting_pregnant

Do birth control pills give you migraines? (Conditions AZ)

Birth control pills may reduce the number of migraine attacks in some women, while they INCREASE the number AND severity for others. And ... tags: birth controlbirth control pillsBodyBraincontraceptivesCureestrogen

Depo Provera and Danazol

Hormonal treatments are a popular way of treating endometriosis. Watch this quick to learn about Depo Provera and Danazol. tags: cervixconceptiondanazoldepo_shotdepo_side_effectsdepo_vera_shotdeprovera

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy isn't for everyone. But if it's how you choose to treat severe symptoms of menopause, here's what you'll want to know. tags: :_Sexual_HealthagingalternativesbenefitsdebateEstringestrogen

Hysterectomy and Menopause

When you go through menopause, you stop menstruating. And when you undergo a hysterectomy, the effect is the same. Yet a hysterectomy and ... tags: agingcancerendometriosisestrogenfertilityfibroidHealth_Video