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New Russian space telescope goes into orbit

A new ultra-powerful Russian space telescope has been launched into orbit by a rocket that blasted off from Kazakhstan on the 18th of July. ... tags: euronewsgoesintoNeworbitRussianscience

Raw Video: German Satellite Could Crash to Earth

Pieces of a retired German satellite hurtling toward the atmosphere may crash to Earth this weekend, the German Aerospace Centre ... tags: debrisearthjunkorbitsatellitespace

Massive Asteroid to Fly Past Earth

An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier is expected to come within 201,000 miles of Earth.Powered by www.newslook.comProducer Reuters tags: asteroidearthexplorationGoldstoneMassiveNASAOrbit

RAW VIDEO: NASA Captures Asteroid's Close Encounter

NASA has released new images of an asteroid's close encounter with Earth.Powered by www.newslook.comProducer Reuters tags: 200555asteroidexplorationNASAOrbitradar

North Korea launches a rocket

A loud speaker announces good news in Pyongyang-- a rocket has been successfully launched into orbit. Residents danced and sang in the ... tags: intoJulieKorealaunchesNoceNorthorbit

South Korea finds rocket debris

EDIT CONTAINS 43 MATERIAL Debris from the North Korean rocket launched into orbit has been discovered in South Korea. Wednesday's ... tags: actdebrisdiplomatsfindsJulieKoreaNoce

Space gerbils sacrifice

Russian scientists, NASA, ESA analyse the foton experiment tags: experimentmicemoonorbitsciencescientistspace

Technology update: Hello, universe! Is anyone there?

As the world enters the International Year of Astronomy 2009, RTs Ryan Dollard explores the arsenal of instruments that science has to peer ... tags: dangerearthfutureorbitouterpossibilitysky

ISS dodges Chinese rocket debris

The crew of the International Space Station has had to change its orbit to avoid collision with space junk. tags: collisionInternationaljunkorbitSpaceStation

Russian Soyuz spacecraft docks at the ISS

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft, with three people onboard, has successfully docked at the International Space Station. tags: issorbitsoyuzspacetourist

US loo a no-go zone for ISS cosmonauts

Space officials bombard ISS crews with restrictions on who can use what in the orbit, said the current crew commander. Cosmonauts must even ... tags: commandercosmonautcrewfoodISSorbitrestriction

Russian Proton sends US satellite into orbit

Russia's Proton-M rocket has successfully delivered the US Sirius FM-5 communication satellite into orbit. tags: orbitProtonrocketRussiasatellite