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Crude oil slips 1% to settle below $92

01/13/14 WTI prices settled below 92 a barrel on Monday. The Iranian nuclear deal will ease some sanctions on OPECs fifth-biggest oil ... tags: dollarEIAenergymarketOPECpricesrally

Crude oil settles below $92/bbl

01/09/14 NYMEX crude oil futures dipped below 92 a barrel. Natural gas futures tumbled on forecasts calling for warmer weather in the US. tags: EIAenergyherculesnatural_gasOPECrallyRemy_B

WTI oil snaps losing streak

01/07/14 Crude oil futures turned higher on supply concerns and bargain-hunting. Natural gas prices spiked as temperatures plummeted across ... tags: APIcolddollarEIAenergynatural_gasOPEC

Crude oil back below $100/bbl

12/30/13 WTI crude futures pulled back on Monday following last week's rally. Crude fell the most in two weeks in a quiet session. tags: dollarEIAenergyFederal_Reservemarketnyfpbusinesscenternyfpenergy

Oil soars above $100 a Barrel

12/27/13 NYMEX crude futures broke above 100/bbl for the first time since October. EIA data showed a larger-than-expected decline in ... tags: dollarEIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPECprices

WTI crude hits 2-month high

12/26/13 Crude oil futures topped 99.50/bbl after weekly jobless claims posted a big drop. Fewer Americans filed applications for ... tags: dollarEIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPECrally

NYMEX crude tops $99/bbl

12/24/13 WTI crude oil futures regained 99/bbl on strong US data and ongoing concerns over South Sudan. tags: APIdollarEIAenergymarketOPECprices

Crude oil posts strong weekly gain

12/20/13 Crude oil futures settled higer for the session and the week. Q3 GDP was upwardly revised, and lifted expectations for strong ... tags: EIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPECpricesrally

NYMEX crude spikes on supply and demand outlook

12/19/13 Crude oil futures popped on inventory conerns and expectations for demand. tags: EIAenergyFederal_ReservemarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPECrally

Crude oil dips on Fed anticipation

12/17/13 U.S. crude futures turned lower and gave up early gains. tags: APIdollarEIAenergymarketnyfpbusinesscenterOPEC

Crude prices rise on Libyan political unrest

12/16/13 NYMEX crude oil and Brent crude futures advanced on Monday. Geopolitical concerns and the Fed meeting topped fundamentals ... tags: dollarEIAenergyFederal_Reservemarketnyfpbusinesscenternyfpenergy

Crude oil posts weekly loss

12/13/13 Crude oil futures closed lower for the session and the week. Fed stimulus tapering expectations dragged the dollar-denominated ... tags: APIenergymarketOPECpricesrallyrefinery