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Iceland offers debt relief to homeowners

Iceland has launched a massive debt relief package programme for householders.Critics say the programme, worth around a billion euros, ... tags: debtDebt_crisishomeownersIcelandoffersrelief

Germany vows to 'ease the suffering' in Philippines

Typhoon-ravaged Philippines might breathe a sign of relief soon -- now that Germany and Malaysia are offering a helping hand. German ...

Snowden offers to address German parliament over US spy claims

The German government is reportedly keen to talk to whistleblower Edward Snowden about the United States spying on its allies.It comes ...

EU offers more aid to Kosovo

The EU has pledged 15 million euros in aid to Kosovo ahead of local elections this weekend.The money is part of the push by EU foreign ...

Man's Stolen Phone Leads to Dropbox Romance

Niklaus Knecht is a 24 year old man from Switzerland. He was on a train when his phone was stolen but now the selfie obsessed woman who ...

Onion crisis: Maharashtra offers help

Hardly a week is left for one of India's biggest festivals, but instead of rejoicing the aam aadmi is struggling to deal with his household ...

Intelligence Bureau raised alarm 2 months ago?

An Intelligence bureau IB report on onions is said to have raised the alarm about a possible rise in prices two months back and respective ...

People across the country responding to Oklahoma man needing kidney

Robert Dean, 84, of Arcadia, Okla., held a sign on a street corner asking for a kidney and hundreds of people across the country are ...