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What Will Happen This Weekend? - Prime Time Report

If Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin wins the elections this weekend, will the British go for assassination Will it trigger ... tags: Daily ReportObamawatch

Morning Overview · January 3, 2012

Without a President Obama, none of the hot spots that the British would use to launch general thermonuclear war, would be the danger which ... tags: Berlin-Baghdad railBritannia rules the wavesBritish EmpireBritish empire naval forcesDaily ReportEconomic Collapsegenocide

Interview with Prof. Francis Boyle - Impeachment of Obama - November 14, 2011

On this weekend's edition of the LaRouche Show, host Harley Schlanger interviewed Professor Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois ... tags: al-awlaki Francis Boyle Harley Schlanger Impeach obama kill listal-awlakiFrancis Boyle

Obama: British Tool For Mass Genocide - World in Review · November 12, 2011 ·

In Obama, the British found their tool to commit global genocide. As we watch this Nero preside over the games on his floating coliseum, ... tags: Daily ReportEmpireMathew OgdenObamawatch

LaRouchePAC World in Review · November 3, 2011

Obama's Presidential authority must be nullified, to stop a new world war from breaking out. Tonight, we cover some of the specifics of the ... tags: Daily Report EmpireDaily ReportEmpireObamawatch

LaRouchePAC World in Review · October 27, 2011

Who made the rules by which you think you are supposed to act, especially in this time of existential crisis Only by rising above these ... tags: Daily Report ForecastingDaily ReportForecastingObamawatch

LaRouchePAC The Downfall of Obama October 24, 2011

The question on the tongues of knowledgeable people around the world is Will Obama's latest crime, the butchery of Gaddafi lead to his ... tags: Empire News UpdateEmpireNews UpdateObamawatch

LaRouchePAC The 2012 Elections Are Over- ...You Lose! October 21, 2011

Many Americans will soon be swept up in election fever. The bad news for them is that, as of now, the election has been cancelled. All the ... tags: Editorial StatementsEditorial StatementsObamawatch

LaRouchePAC World in Review · October 21, 2011

It is end game now for the British Empire and the oligarchy has unleashed their killing machine Barack Obama. tags: Daily ReportDaily ReportObamawatch